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Bates Motel - Forever - Review

For almost four full seasons we’ve watched the twisted and very complicated relationship between a mother and her son. During these times we have numerous amount of moments that could only lead us to fall in love with Norma Bates and feel for Norman Bates. Even though we all knew where their relationship would inevitably end up, we all hoped against hope that things would be okay in the end. “Forever”, the most recent episode of Bates Motel left me and many others grief-stricken and though this was a completely heartbreaking episode I can’t help but love it.

It was so breathtakingly devastating as we watched Romero and Dylan try to get Norma to see how extremely dangerous Norman is. First we see Romero tell Norma how he doesn’t feel safe leaving her with Norman, only for her to utterly deny the possibility of Norman ever being able to hurt her, saying that they’re two parts of the same person, and that there is no possible way he could ever hurt her in any way. Romero didn’t buy any of this as he recruits Dylan's help but unfortunately for everyone that only backfires, leading to a blowout first between Norma and Dylan and then Norma and Romero. The last interaction we saw of Dylan and Norma was so sorrowful as Dylan desperately tries to convince Norma to get Norman help which leads to the full destruction of their relationship. All the ups and downs that they went through together that allowed them to become closer are all thrown away by Norma being unable to see the truth about Norman. It is more clear now then ever that she will always be completely devoted to Norman, and this will be her ultimate downfall.

The fallout from Alex going behind Norma’s back was catastrophic as Norma showed up at the Sheriff’s station to inform Romero that he crossed a line and would never be trustworthy again. It’s downright crippling thinking that this could be the last time those two ever interact again. Just like the fight Norma had with Dylan, it’s heart wrenching to think this is how things with them end. The heartbreak only continues as we watch Norma collapse in the kitchen after she tells Norman it’s not going to work with her and Alex. Vera Farmiga is unbelievably talented especially when it comes to the absolute distraught moments of Norma Bates. The moment she opened the refrigerator door and starts shaking I couldn’t help but feel the devastation she was going through. This sorrow only continues as she writes a goodbye letter to Romero. I cannot help but think this letter is going to have a major impact on the events to come. I’m sure we all were paying close attention to what she wrote and thought how that could be interpreted as a suicide note.

A major component to this episode was the unfathomably calm Norman. Though we did see a great scene of him discussing Norma’s marriage with Dr. Edwards. Norman was acting bafflingly tame since the last time we saw him, with an ax in hand. It was quite chilling as we tried to decipher what was going on in Norman’s mind. What was he thinking when he discovered the suitcase in the attic and then when he put on the robe that he once wore the day Mother came out to play? There has never been anything more horrifying then watching Norman, normally outright belligerent, all of sudden acting very tranquil. The alarming feeling only increased after Norman switched the light off and left Norma asleep in her room. I watched on the edge of my seat as Norman made his way down the basement stairs. What happens next left me bewildered.

Mr. Sandman plays as we watch the petrifying actions of Norman closing the vents, ensuring that the carbon monoxide would fill Norma’s bedroom. This scene was written so beautifully and yet felt so very tragic. Watching Romero roaming through the house looking for Norma and then discovering her potentially lifeless body has left me completely devastated and hoping that there’s a chance Norma will be okay. I can’t recall ever seeing such a torturous cliffhanger in my life, watching Romero rock Norma back and forth while sobbing uncontrollably. The next few days are going to be extraordinarily long as we all anxiously wait for the season finale to see if this truly was the end for Norma Bates.

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