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Agents of SHIELD - Season 3 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

It was also so compelling to see Lincoln dying next to Hive in Ward's body, because it was kind of like seeing Daisy's (Chloe Bennet) two loves dying together. What was it like getting to share that death scene with Lincoln?

Daisy has now lost both of her boyfriends, her exes. (Laughs.) Yeah, I never thought of it that way. It's a good point. It was beyond awkward because we were on wires and trying to hold ourselves up and were trying to look at peace when in reality, we were nothing but. We were trying to look like we were floating and weightless and the reality was we were in harnesses, attached to cables and we felt extremely silly. I've done a lot of silly things but I don't think I've ever felt quite that silly. It was very difficult. I was battling my own feelings at that particular moment and trying to be in the moment, trying to do that scene. So in the end, it was great and I'm glad there was somebody else there who was just as silly with me. Trying to be serious in that situation was difficult, but I think that we both did our best and helped each other through that particular scene. I'm glad it came out the way it did. Thank you visual effects, because otherwise it would have looked very silly. We felt very goofy filming it.

Does Hive's death mean you are officially done with this series going forward?

Yeah, that's unfortunately true. It was a sad day from the moment they told me about it. What I will say is that I don't think Hive can ever really truly die. I think that his hosts can because they're mortal. Obviously, as a mortal human would, Grant Ward's body is probably not there anymore. But Hive, as an entity, as an organism made up of millions of microorganisms, I think is still floating around somewhere in space. All it would take is maybe an asteroid floating through that cloud or any one of cosmic events to gently push any one of those particles towards Earth or towards another planet. So I absolutely thing he's out there in space. In some strange way that might even make him stronger. I don't know, this is my own personal theory. I think that Hive is still around somewhere, so even though you may have seen the last of me, sadly, you possibly won't have seen the last of Hive. That would be my hope, anyway. I just love seeing Coulson frustrated. Every time he thinks he's done the job, for this thing to keep on coming back, as it happened with Ward … how awesome would that be for Hive to pop up again? But yeah, the whole experience was very, very emotional.

Fitz, Simmons and May (Ming-Na Wen) weren't seen in the flash-forward. What can you say about what they've been up to in the past six months?

Whedon: They're all dead, sadly.

Tancharoen: (Laughs.) You just didn't see but they were in that Quinjet in the finale.

Whedon: Yeah, they were hiding under the floorboards. (Laughs.) No, that's another wait and see. We like to time-jump because we can make the audience play catch up. They'll be doing some of that when they come back to how things are different in season four.

Looking at Agent Carter's cancellation, and Peggy's death in both Captain America: Civil War and her obituary in SHIELD, is there any chance we could still see her pop into SHIELD in flashbacks going forward? Or have you closed the chapter on Agent Carter in the MCU?

Whedon: She is the founder of SHIELD and once an agent, always an agent. There is, of course, that possibility. The great thing about the Marvel comics and the Marvel universe in general is that nothing is really off the table. Coulson is living proof of it. So yes, of course there is that possibility.

How much has the world changed in those six months when it comes to Inhumans being in the public eye? Based on those newspaper headlines, the world now knows about Daisy's powers.

Tancharoen: We know for now that the world is aware of Daisy and calling her Quake. They're aware of her presence. But that's all we can really say for now.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What came with the decision to have Lincoln be the Fallen Agent?

JEPH LOEB: It was the most heartbreaking decision.
JEFF BELL: He earned it.
MAURISSA TANCHAROEN: He did earn it. With Lincoln, like Daisy, he has always struggled to find a place to belong. He found a place in Afterlife and realized, “No, not so much.” Then he was floating on his own. Then right when we see that he is finally at home with S.H.I.E.L.D., he’s given himself over to them and he’s committed to the cause, and he also admits to himself that he can’t offer Daisy anything — I mean all these things that gain him points…
BELL: After what she felt with Hive, and as Hive says to him, “She thought she loved you until she was with me, and she understood what it truly means to be connected and to belong,” which is true. As an Inhuman who has been swayed, these people truly feel better than they’ve ever felt.

Why the six-month time jump?

WHEDON: We’ve done it each season, so we just wanted to do it a little early. It happens in the room where sometimes you’re discussing a problem with story or character and you can’t come up with a solution, sometimes that solution is to put all of that that you just talked about on screen. We’ve done it with Malick. We decided to have Hive ask him that and make that the story. After that has happened, after that emotional ending, which hopefully will be as impactful as it was as writing it and talking about it, there’s that question of: What’s the next scene? What’s next? How do you follow? One of the solutions is to go [with a flash forward].
BELL: Coulson’s arc this season was about a man who struggles with losing his humanity. By the end, he’s also willing to sacrifice himself, or at least seemingly so. He had a hologram there, but he put himself in harm’s way in trying to right what happened. FitzSimmons were torn apart at the beginning, spent the year coming together, and now they’re this couple. They’ve had a nice arc. We can go through that with everyone. Mack and Yo-Yo are beginning with something and May has come back into the fold and accepted her role next to Coulson. We’ve done those arcs, but we still have a lot of plot. Emotionally, their arcs are done. What the jump lets you do is to do a reset. Game of Thrones picked up exactly where they left off last season, so they have to pick up every [story line]. It allows us to put down a lot of old plot and pick up a lot of new.
WHEDON: Which we would’ve done in episode 1 next year, but what we wanted to do was tease.
TANCHAROEN: We’ve trying to put a spin on our usual cliffhanger.

IGN: Was there anyone else you wish you'd gotten a scene with before you signed off?

Dalton: Oh, man. Everybody. Really, everybody. I can say something nice about everyone of them. Ian's [De Caestecker] my best friend so of course that would have been great. We had some scenes in Season 2, so that was fun. But ever since I became a bad guy I didn't get to work with the original six nearly enough. And Elizabeth and I just had that scene where I was Will - even though I was Hive, I was coming to her as Will. And I was so drop-dead impressed. It was just so amazing to work with her. So really, just everybody. I don't know how to answer that!

With Daisy out in the cold, will we see much of the Inhumans next year?

Whedon: Yeah, we love all those characters.

Tancharoen: We now have a fairly sizeable group to call upon if we need them.

Since “SHIELD” spinoff “Marvel’s Most Wanted” isn’t going ahead, will we see Bobbi and Lance back next season?

Tancharoen: We adore those characters and we’re always open to that possibility, but we can’t say much on that subject right now.

IGN: How did you decide that it would be Lincoln?

Whedon: There was a lot leading up to that decision. Partially it came from the end of Hive and the idea that we knew we were going to end his storyline at the end of the season and it would be the second ending for Grant Ward. We wanted to give it weight and we wanted to give it meeting because he is not only a huge big bad as Hive, but it’s Brett Dalton, who has been with us from the very beginning. It couldn’t just feel like a victory. It had to feel like a loss at the same time because that’s how we were feeling about it. We love Brett and had managed to maintain him as an antagonist for three seasons but we knew it was time for his character to meet his end. We knew someone was going to make the hero’s sacrifice play. And the most meaningful and logical choice was Lincoln because he’s a lost soul and there’s something nice about someone finding their purpose in their last moments and doing the ultimate hero act, because they don’t believe they really are a hero. That to us -- those were sort of the deciding factors.

Maurissa Tancharoen: When we first met Lincoln he was just a nice guy that Daisy meets in Afterlife and over the course of the past two seasons, we’ve come to know a little bit more about him and that he’s struggling to find a place to belong. A bit of a lost soul much in the way that Daisy was when we first met her and I think we just knew that it would be heartbreaking choice, just as the audience and our team come to know who he is, just as it's very clear that he and Daisy are in love and have a strong connection, he sacrifices himself.