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12 Monkeys - Immortal - Advance Preview

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12 Monkeys “Immortal” was written by the team of Ian Sobel and Matt Morgan and was directed by David Greene, who is the cinematographer on the show. Greene also previously directed Lost Girl. Sobel and Morgan previously wrote for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. There are some pretty good classic scares in this episode, as well as a really great moment between Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) toward the end of the episode.

  In the previously on, Jennifer (Emily Hampshire) describes primaries as living, breathing gears in time, and I was struck again by the way the writing and the use of time in this show are like gears in a watch.

In 2044, Eckland (Michael Hogan) has some good news for Jones (Barbara Sukowa). I’m loving these two together, and I think Jones is warming to the idea too. Ramse gets some good advice from an unexpected source in 2044.

Cole and Ramse both travel to 2044 after Kyle Slade (David Dastmalchian) – the serial killer primary that Jennifer tells them about. We get some great music and costumes for this one! I’m really loving that aspect of the time travel this season. When they get back to the past, Cole and Ramse find out that Jones didn’t tell them everything. Cole and Ramse “go undercover,” and Cole uses the future against the past.

In 2016, Jennifer and Cassie (Amanda Schull) are roommates. Or are the doctor/patient? Or patient/doctor? The lines become blurred. Regardless, hotel hallways are always scary! Cassie has an unexpected visitor. Jennifer gives Cassie some surprisingly good advice, and Jennifer also finds a reason for cautious hope.

Here are a bunch of dialogue teases! As always, see if you can guess who said what!

Everybody dies.
I am seriously beginning to doubt your commitment.
Some people think ghosts are just replays.
I’m an idiot. Oh! I’m an idiot.
You have no plan!
I’ve been waiting for you Cole.
It’s not just about my future. It’s about everyone’s.
We have to go monkey hunting!
You’re crazy about me. Just admit it.
You’re just as crazy as this piece of shit!
There’s only one true enemy in this world.
You’re all leap no look, little brother.
It’s New York City. Everything’s fun if you’re going it right.
We go changing things now, we’re going to make it worse.
That is some Twilight Zone shit, right there!

Don’t forget to tune in to 12 Monkeys, “Immortal” on Monday, May 23 on Syfy at  9/8C.

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