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Wynonna Earp - Leavin' on Your Mind - Review

'Leavin' on Your Mind' sees Wynonna battle three rogue revenants who are on the hunt for some items that will help them get out of the cursed triangle. One of the trio was one of the seven revenants during that fateful night in Wynonna's past when she lost her sister and father. He is a super fast revenant and just a complete lunatic.

Together the trio of revenants provided some strong antagonism for this week. Watching them stab their victims repeatedly was quite violent and unexpected for a lighter show like Wynonna Earp.

Things got very serious in 'Leavin' on Your Mind' with the death of Shorty. Though we never got to know the character that much, we knew enough to know he was like an uncle to the Earp sisters and it was hard not to like him. His passing certainly added some emotional weight to this episode.

The big reveal to end 'Leavin' on Your Mind' with Doc Holliday telling Wynonna the truth about his identity opens up the story a whole lot more. It'll be interesting to see where he fits among this team of protagonists. He is a strong enough character to be the male lead, but that honour seems to be going towards Dolls. We don't really know yet how they will play off each other and thus, how the two male leads will coexist will be one big question going forth.

So far, I am liking what they are doing with Doc. We know he is on team Earp, yet he continues to pony up to Bobo and his ragtag group of revenants. What does he hope to accomplish by cozying up to the enemy? The mystery behind Doc Holliday certainly adds a lot of intrigue to these early episodes.

Wynnona Earp continues to progressively build its mythology and characters each episode with some intriguing drama. If there is one criqitue, sometimes the humor goes overboard.

Scrofano and Provost-Chalkey as Wynonna and Waverly, respectively, tend to overact a bit in certain scenes and this can get distracting. If they can tone things down and express a little bit more nuance and subtlety, and if the writing can better balance the humor with the drama, Wynonna Earp can grow to be quite the gem for Syfy.

Notwithstanding, 'Leavin' on Your Mind' was a solid episode for a show that has so far provided consistently solid entertainment.


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