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Wynonna Earp - Diggin' Up Bones - Review

One of the strengths of Wynonna Earp thus far is momentum. The show has rarely stalled, it has been consistently pushing it forward week in, week out. 'Diggin' Up Bones' is no exception and in this episode two more key players on the antagonistic side are introduced, adding even more challenges for the titular character and friends to overcome. Oh, and we also get our first love scene.

In 'Leaving on Your Mind' two weeks ago a Constance Clootie is teased midway through the episode when Waverly is looking at a list of names, the aforementioned being circled. What this list means is anyone's guess, but we do meet Constance this week and it looks like she is the true leader of the Revenants, for the time being at least.

Constance is introduced as an unstable, psycho who switches between two very opposite personalities at will. One moment she is vulnerable and over emotional crying about voices in her head before letting Bobo wrap his hands around her neck; the next she is cold, calculated, and authoritative, showing Bobo her true abilities and leaving him powerless and shaking in his boots. This split personality makes Constance an interesting and very unpredictable antagonist, a stark contrast to Bobo who is simply just a bad ass villain without much depth.

It is also revealed that our pair of antagonists are literally digging up bones, as the title alludes to, and hoping to resurrect something very evil. The magnitude of threats just keeps exacerbating - from Bobo to Constance and now to whatever else is cooking in the future.

We are also introduced to the seedy judge who Earp and Dolls approach for a warrant to investigate Bobo's premises. He reluctantly gives it to them, but not without forewarning Bobo of their arrival, or at least it is hinted at that he is working with them. At the end of the episode it is revealed he has a photo of the seven revenants in his office, the same one Earp grabbed from the police station. Is he one of the seven? The plot thickens.

The crux of 'Diggin' Up Bones' is Wynonna's search for the identity of the last two revenants involved in the massacre at her childhood home. She meets a revenant who gives her a new perspective on her foes - not all of them are evil. This revenant happens to be the boyfriend of Levi, that cowardly fella who Holliday was forced by Bobo to drag outside the boundary to burn. The revenant tasks Earp to find Levi for him in exchange for revealing the location of a photo of the seven revenants to help Wynonna identify them.

Earp is eventually faced with a tough decision being asked to mercifully kill Levi and relieve him from his pain and suffering, as well as his boyfriend who wants to die with him. These two revenants prove to Wynonna that not all of them are evil, some are just like humans, and Scrofano acts out very effectively that inner turmoil her character is experiencing upon this realization and then the guilt of having to kill them point blank.

Like anyone who is down and out, sometimes finding some good sympathy sex can makes things a bit better, and she gets it on with Doc Holliday. It was rather sudden, but not unrealistic considering the circumstances and how easy Doc can be. I don't see this leading to much, it's clear they are gradually building towards Dolls and Earp. In fact, I could see Doc Holliday playing the same kind of role that Duke played in the late Syfy show, Haven.

Before Wynonna and Doc get it on, they have a passionate and heated discussion relating to the underlying theme for this episode of revenge. Doc is ponying up to Bobo as he wants to get close to Constance to get revenge as she is the one who trapped him in the well 130 years ago. Levi's boyfriend tells Doc that "revenge is hollow," when the immortal cowboy implies he should seek revenge against Bobo. Of course, Wynonna has her own agenda of revenge too on those who killed her father, emphasized this week as she searches for the identity of the remaining two revenants. 'Diggin' Up Bones' thus poses the question of how far are our protagonists willing to go to achieve vengeance and will it be enough for them to seek peace of mind in life?

Wynonna Earp has been heading into a terrific direction both thematically and plot wise as we near the midway point of the first season. There are a lot of big bad revenants for Wynonna and co. to battle in coming episodes, but as we get to know the characters, they also have some deep inner demons they must also contend with too.


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