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Untitled Mars Project - The CW Pilot Preview *Updated*

I remember exactly how I felt when I read The 100 pilot for the first time. I was more than hooked but anxious too. I wanted to watch it right away and see if they were able to deliver. At the time there was nothing like it on the CW. It was ambitious, riveting and exciting. And they delivered. Quite beautifully. It had problems and the next few episodes rode on a bumpy road. It was too Gossip Girl and not enough Lost, too many love stories, not enough adventures. It took time before it got great again. But it did. I can say I’m almost as impressed by the Mars Project pilot script as I was by The 100‘s and the good news is, now I know The CW can meet our expectations with this kind of ambitious tale, and they know what not to do, so this time I’m not anxious, just excited.


Earth has setup a colony on Mars. When a new batch of explorers and settlers arrive on a one-way trip to inhabit the colony, they find what they least expect: the colony is deserted, and all the former occupants have vanished. Colony’s pilot covers the explorers’ arrival on Mars, intercut with flashbacks of the their training on Earth.

So Alien meets The 100 meets Sphere meets Quantico. This one’s produced by CBS, and was originally developed at the CW two years ago. The draft I read is undated, I find myself hoping the network develops this a bit more before shooting the pilot.

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