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The Big Bang Theory - The Viewing Party Combustion - Review

After two solid episodes, this one failed to solve any conflicts between Sheldon/Penny vs. Leonard and Raj vs. Howard. Also, Raj two-timing between Emily and Claire (mentioned, but do not appear in the episode) is getting old. The writers need to improve on making his character better since he's entertaining. The love triangle needs to be written out. However, what I did like about this okay episode is that the writers clicked Joffrey's poisoning death well to Howard accidentally eating peanuts (which he is allergic, too). The real difference between the two characters is that sandwich was not intended for Howard (did not die) while the drink was intended for Joffrey. I did like the chemistry between Sheldon and Penny. I love how she sometimes stands up for him even though he annoys her with his poor social skills. Many would think that Leonard did the right thing to stand up to Sheldon like in "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" (in Season 6), but this time, Sheldon was in the right because all he wanted to do was have a simple meeting. Despite some good moments, this was still definitely one of my least favorite episodes of the seasons because of the writers portraying Raj to be unlikable, and the plot holes of the conflicts.