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The Americans - Travel Agents - Advance Preview: "She Could Be Anywhere"

Previously on The Americans: Martha is on the run and threatening to tell everyone about Philip. Meanwhile, Stan and the FBI are continuing to gather clues about the mysterious Clark Westerfeld.

     The subtlety of the episode names on this show continue to amaze me. I will say that Philip and Elizabeth are, for once, actual “travel agents” in this episode!

     This episode opens with the full force of the FBI & KGB looking for Martha. Four seasons ago, very few would have predicted that Martha would eventually be the source of such a major multi national manhunt. Because of the major stakes involved, neither of the two agencies can be allowed to pull any punches as far as Martha is concerned. Left alive, she’s honestly very dangerous to both countries. The only question will be, how far is Philip willing to go to protect his (and Martha’s) life? This is a question that has been on audience members’ minds (and Elizabeth’s) for a long time. In this episode, Philip finally has an extremely direct conversation with Elizabeth about his affection for Martha versus his affection for her.

     Over at the FBI, things are getting very hot and people are starting to point fingers. While The Americans has shown at length what a toll Martha’s current situation has on Philip, it hasn’t yet shown how her confirmed betrayal will affect her coworkers at the FBI. Following the discovery of a bug and Gene’s suicide (and assumed KGB connections), Agent Gaad is starting to look incompetent to his superiors. Expect Agent Gaad to be very depressed about his current career trajectory.

     While this is a very Martha-centric hour, it also fits in some time for some interesting Paige/Henry scenes. With Stan busy at work, his son, Matt, has very little to do, but sit back and talk with his neighbors. For most shows, this would be an easy time to make some boring dialogue that doesn’t move the plot anywhere and eats up screen time. Luckily for us, the writers of The Americans spend this time showing us just how much Paige has matured over the course of the last four seasons as well as how far Henry has to go. I'll let you read into that what you will. It's an entertaining scene. :)

     This is honestly about all I can tease because this episode changes the show so much. The hour ends with a monumentally show changing resolution that I can’t spoil, but in that same vein, I can give you a few clues. If you’re a fan of Better Call Saul and caught Talking Saul’s season 2 finale conspiracy theory, this should be a pretty easy one for you.

A Few Clues:
Martha talks to her parents.
“Are you sleeping with my husband?”
Rezidentura’s office subplot feels out of place, but doesn't take up much screen time.
The Centre contact is featured very heavily and is quite interesting…
Henry, Paige, and Matthew are up to no good.
Agent Beeman is closing in.
Revisit a world where payphones really matter.
Unfortunately, Martha is not in a great state of mind.
Save Martha!
“…Seduced and married my secretary.”
“I’m pretty much dead already…”
A miracle is needed.

Rating: 9.7/10 - Tension, resolution, and an open door for more story. What more can you ask for? Don't miss it.

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