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Supergirl &The Flash Crossover - World's Finest - Round table Review

Everyone was excited about the crossover episode so a few reviewers here at spoiler tv came together to give their views.

A huge thank you to Gavin, Aimee, and Pablo for their contributions.

Given the ‘Hype’ was Supergirl, Flash crossover all you expected?

GH : It was definitely worth the wait. Since the announcement, I’ve been very excited about the prospect of both Supergirl and the Flash meeting and to see how both superheroes interacted with one another. It was weird to consider at first too, due to both shows being on different networks, but it really worked and it paid off with the quality of the episode. If anything, I wish it was 2 hours instead of just 1. There was so much ground to cover that it didn’t feel like it was enough, but for what we did get, it was incredible. I loved it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I left the episode feeling very satisfied.

Zandarl : Yes, it was worth the long build up it has had since Grant Gustin hinted at a crossover when he and Melissa Benoist presented at the golden globes together. The shows are a perfect fit both with the feel good factor and lighter tone than there other CW counterparts. Double tag villain’s in Banshee and Live Wire so naturally we have double tag superhero’s that coincidentally are both suffering from a lack of faith. In this episode, they clearly have helped each other in more ways than one.

AM : This episode was far more than I expected. From the moment it was announced I expected it to be good but I half expected it to end up being somewhat of a standalone. Instead, the show brilliantly incorporated active storylines from both shows and made the episode feel very organic and not forced. The guest cast including Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Italia Ricci, and Brit Morgan was absolutely brilliant and really added to the epic feel of it. Ricci and Morgan were brilliant together and their energy and ability to play off of one another so effortlessly really helped sell the danger Silver Banshee and Livewire were putting the city in. They were the perfect villains for The Flash and Supergirl to team-up against. I think the hype for this episode was well deserved and I’m very happy CBS chose to put a lot of effort into promoting it. As far as I’m aware this is one of the first times, if not the first, that two shows on different networks have crossed over. I think this episode showed that their gamble to do this paid off and it showed in the ratings and in the fan reaction. I can’t wait to see what crossover happens next.

PB : It was pretty much what I expected and a bit more: exciting, fun, engaging, but the surprise came by seeing how much chemistry Melissa and Grant had, which made the hour all the more delightful. I honestly enjoyed more than I thought I would.

Do you think it was easy for viewers who may not have watched either show to follow?

GH : Definitely. I’m a little behind on both shows, and I hate skipping episodes (I will get around to them), but I just had to see this episode. As a viewer who watches both but is behind on both, it was very easy to follow and I didn’t find myself pausing and thinking about what was going on. Despite it being an episode that links with earlier episodes of Supergirl with Livewire and whatnot, and with the Flash talking about multiple Earth's, those are things that are explained to both characters from different shows, so we get brief catch-ups that didn’t feel too out of place. It brought viewers up to speed with both shows without too much exposition, and, as a result, we got those charismatic “whoa that’s cool” and “that’s awesome” moments from both sides when discussing each show’s lore. If somebody doesn’t watch either show, I can imagine the episode is still very cool to watch, and it would definitely make people interested in watching the rest of Supergirl, as well as The Flash. We just need Supergirl on The Flash and life would be complete.

Zandarl : I actually asked my friends opinion as well who haven’t watched The Flash? The answer was yes. The clear dialogue and descriptions as well as previously on Supergirl gave us a brief the story so far. We got to know Barry quite quickly and what he was about. There are few points people might not understand the reference but otherwise, it was easy to follow. Some may be a bit confused with Barry’s arrival as the shows are not in sync.

AM : I’m only a casual watcher of The Flash and I was easily able to follow Barry’s portion of the story. Even without any working knowledge of The Flash, I think viewers would have still been able to enjoy the episode. I’ve been a critic of the Supergirl repetitive intro week after week but in this case, I think it would have been a good benefit for The Flash viewers who have never seen Supergirl before. As long as those viewers watched that intro I think this should have been an easy episode for them to enjoy. It was nice to see the episode progress Supergirl’s current storylines including the continuing fallout from the Red Kryptonite crisis. Yet the show did this is such a brilliant way so as to not lose unfamiliar viewers.

PB : Absolutely; even though viewers of The Flash still have a bit of time before the show jumps to Supergirl, it was pretty much clear how he got there and the dynamics of Supergirl as a show were pretty much laid down for first time viewers to get what was going on. The multiverse explanation was done fairly quickly and simple, so even if someone hasn't watched The Flash, I think there is no reason for confusion on either side.

What did you think about Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist performances and chemistry?

GH : They were both fantastic. I loved both actors from Glee though from what I recall neither character met in that show, so I wasn’t sure if both actors met prior, but it felt like they’d known each other for years. From the moment they first interact, when Barry saves Kara and takes her to the field, then they introduce one another – it just felt natural. Then the child-like, over-excited moments happen between them as they’re both still pretty new to “superhero-ism” that they find each other so interesting that it was hard not to be charmed by both. I totally ship KareBear, and if anything, their chemistry was probably the best thing to come out of this crossover. I just needed more time with them together.

Zandarl : Adorable is the first world that springs to mind. The first meeting scene was hilarious. These two clearly had fun both on and off set judging by the photos and it shines through on screen. They instantly become fast friends understanding where each other is coming from. The Barry Allen we all know and love is back and not like the one who has been moping about The Flash of late. Melissa and Grant played off each other very well in every scene; creating a wonderful chemistry between the two, no wonder James was going around looking like a child who had lost his favourite toy. Like I mentioned before I am sure both will take something away from their meeting and despite Barry’s love advice he hands down stole all of Kara’s attention.

AM : Gustin and Benoist were perfectly paired together. Barry was the perfect first superhero (outside of her cousin) for Kara to encounter. These two performers have really energetic and happy personalities not to mention very similar acting styles which allowed them to effortlessly mesh together and work off of one another. I do hope one day Kara will find her way to Barry’s Earth because I’d love for her to see a similar Earth with all these other heroes. I think it would be fascinating to see her interact with characters from The Flash and Arrow on their home turf but I can’t see Benoist pairing with anyone else as perfectly as she did with Gustin. I do hope somehow some way one day Kara and Barry will cross paths again on one of their Earth’s to reunite these terrific performers.

PB : As I said before, it was outstanding! Benoist and Gustin play each other beautifully, they are a match made in heaven, with their energy and their optimistic beat, they make a great pair of inspiring superheroes. It left me wanting more crossovers just to see them interact more.

Was there enough information to please both casual viewers and die-hard comic book fans?

GH : I think so. I wouldn’t know about the comic fans as I would probably say I’m more a casual viewer who loves these comic-book adaptations without really knowing much about the source material, but I’d like to imagine the die-hard comic book fans loved the crossover. Both shows are fantastic in my opinion, and I feel like both actors do their comic book counterparts justice in their respective TV shows. Casual viewers should totally get a kick out of it – it’s an exciting hour of television and one that I would happily re-watch.

Zandarl : Having seen every episode of both series multiple times I was very happy with the result. The Flash vs Superman has been a debate in the comic fandoms for years. Surely The Flash is fastest but it’s said Superman wins. Wisely in this episode, they stuck to a tie. The origin story of Silver Banshee might not please most comic fans and I would have preferred every time Siobhan used her powers her looks started to alter rather than let’s have a makeover! The ‘Evil Taylor Swift Squad’ double team was formidable. Comic fans will know when she becomes a banshee she possesses super strength and speed not only the power of her scream. So it is a surprise for viewers and not just for Supergirl when Banshee decks her.

AM : I think the episode provide enough exposition for each show to satisfy any viewer regardless of experience with comics. The exposition happened in a really organic way and I think it would have appeased all viewers. As with anything there will be critics who don’t like something about the episode but for me as a casual viewer of The Flash, a massive fan of Supergirl, and a comic book fan I was very happy with all the information included in the episode.

PB : There are more than enough references to please comic book fans without alienating the casual audience: we have returning villains, but it follows a case of the week format, we have comic book easter eggs such as the race (originally of Superman and Flash) and as a whole the episode was built in a way that could be enjoyed by both.

Once again Kara's romance hit a roadblock do you think pursuing this is a good idea for the series?

GH : The ending, when Kara and Jimmy kiss, but suddenly something happens to make him and many others mindlessly walk in one direction, that was great. I think it’s a great idea for the show to explore this romance between them because it’s anything but perfect. It makes Kara a little more invested and complicates matters. It would be hugely boring if everything was straightforward. That said, I don’t like when romances take over a show, which is something I have a problem with when it comes to certain other shows I will not name. Supergirl doesn’t have that problem (yet), but hopefully, they can keep on the romance route without it distracting from the premise of the show.

Zandarl : Unfortunately the chemistry between Kara and Adam Foster, Cat Grant’s estranged son (played by Melissa Benoist own husband Blake Jenner), was so strong any other relationship on screen is going to struggle. I just don’t get the James and Kara romance despite the actor’s best efforts to play it onscreen. Then you have the other problem which has happened in far too many shows it becomes about the romance and less about the storyline. Let’s hope they put it on hold for now and see what the future brings.

AM : Ideally the show should fade away from the romance plot line and focus more on the Danvers sisters’ relationship and the friendships of the team. Realistically though this is a superhero show and romance plotlines are almost a given. I don’t think it is a good idea for the show to pursue the relationship with James this early in the series. If they had to put Kara with anyone I prefer her with Winn just because I feel he understands her more. Hopefully, that James relationship will fall to the wayside and the show will focus on world building especially if it gets a second season. I don’t predict any relationship will work for Kara for very long especially when her first duty is to the planet and protecting National City. I do have to admit that it would be interesting for a few episodes to see Kara torn between her Supergirl duties and a relationship. Ultimately I wish the show would save the romance for later seasons but I don’t think it’ll harm the series.

PB :I think at this point there is no going back, but I have always liked Supergirl as a show focused on friendships rather than romance. James and Kara are not something I'm looking forward, and I especially hope it doesn't become a Felicity Smoak scenario in which James is reshaped once he gets together with Kara. This is not the last roadblock and I'm sure they'll get together, but I fear what the writing will be like for them.

If you had to give the episode a rating out of 10 what would you give it and why?

GH : I’d give it a solid 9, and the reason it isn’t a 10 is because it just wasn’t long enough. I had such a happy feeling when the townspeople protected Kara and accepted her again – the grin on my face was the biggest it’s been this year. It had some great action with the villains and I loved the Silver Banshee makeover. It added a little more urgency to the episode that the villains teamed up and it wasn’t exactly an easy fight, even with Barry on Kara’s side. Cat Grant kind of stole the show, though, I love how pervy she made “The Flash” sound and her epic line of “All four of you standing there doing nothing… you look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.” I’ve loved Calista Flockhart a long time, but she’s really shining in Supergirl. Let’s call it her ‘Lighthouse effect’.

Zandarl : I loved it; however all the people jumping to save Supergirl and the sweetness of it all with the fireman holding out his hand for her gave me a cavity. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact Supergirl is one of the lighter shows I watch and the positive message the show gives out is wonderful and it is nice to see Supergirl finally forgiven. I also missed Alex and Hank and would have loved to see them interact with Barry too. So for that reason, it gets a 9.

AM : I have to go with a solid 10. I thought about docking the episode to a 9 for excluding Alex and J’onn, especially after highlighting both on the crossover poster, but this episode was so jam-packed I can see why they were left out. The writing was spot on, the casting couldn’t have been more perfect, and the acting was phenomenal. To not give this episode a 10 would be a crime for what was essential the perfect example of how to do a crossover.

PB : 9. Almost perfect: I'd say I'm disappointed by some of the fighting scenes and that The Flash didn't get much of a chance to shine. Also, it seemed a bit anti-climatic to have a firefighter end the fight. I get what they were trying to do, but it felt way too easy.

Can you see this leading into future crossovers even though Supergirl's future has yet to be announced?

GH : Definitely, and I am pretty sure Supergirl will get a second season. It won’t be easy as ratings have been free-falling since the premiere but I’m sure CBS are happy with the show regardless. As for crossovers, it will be harder to make it more plausible for Barry to visit, because how many times can he accidentally come across her Earth? But I’m willing to defeat all logic and reason to have KareBear back in my life.

Zandarl : The potential for this series and crossovers into maybe other areas of the CW /DC universe are likely given its success. Even with multiple Earth's, its comic /sci-fi universe, anything is possible. The Flash and Supergirl is one double team I would love to see again, maybe next time Kara arrives in Barry’s world.

AM : Definitely! The DC universe is ripe for crossovers now that the Multiverse theory is in play. It would take the right story to bring Supergirl to one of the CW shows or vice-versa but given how perfectly this crossover played out it would be crazy for them to not already be thinking about the next one. I feel confident about Supergirl’s chances of a Season 2 renewal so I think there will be plenty of opportunities for future crossover involving Supergirl. However, as Constantine’s appearance on Arrow has shown us a show doesn’t actually have to be actively running for a lead to make an appearance on a companion show. Anything is possible and I look forward to seeing whatever circumstances bring all these amazing characters back together.

PB : I think we can except yearly crossovers with The Flash. I don't know if CBS and CW would be comfortable enough to let it crossover with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow too, but I wouldn't rule it out. As of right now, I think this is the first of many: the ratings went up, the reception is warm, and Kara and Barry said goodbye in a manner that felt more like a "see you later"

So do you agree with our views?

Would you like to see another roundtable review in the future ?

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