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QUIZ : So you think you know...Limitless?

Are you prepared for Limitless's season finale on Tuesday? 
Put away your NZT, test your knowledge, and find out...

How did YOU do on the quiz? Please leave a comment down below telling us!
And get excited for Finale: Part Two!!, airing this Tuesday April 26th!

About the Author - Laura Markus
Laura Markus is a Media Studies student from Canada, infatuated with several TV shows. Past favourite include: House, Psych, Chuck, White Collar, Dexter, Arrested Development, Boy Meets World, Battle Creek, and Scrubs. Some of her current favourites are: Limitless, HTGAWM, Suits, Daredevil, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and probably 70 others. She also enjoys music from all genres, but her favourite band is Muse. She is a huge Potterhead, and loves books by John Green. She is currently reviewing Limitless for the 2015-2016 season. Feel free to connect with her on any of these social media sites.
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