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POLL : Banshee - Who Killed [spoiler] + Who Will Survive the Final Season?

UPDATE: 2nd May

Watts only received five votes in the Who Will Survive poll, looks like Fanshees knew he would be a gonner before too long! I have removed his name from the poll since Calvin disposed of his father-in-law in the last episode.

Have any of your thoughts changed since you visited the polls? Don't forget that you can change your vote by hitting the option at the bottom of each poll and voting again if you wish.

Please be aware that some names on these polls are characters that will be debuting for the first time in the next couple of episodes, so there may be some spoilers ahead for anyone who doesn't know who they are.

Our Death Polls have proved popular over the last couple of years, but as the final season is upon us I have decided to shake things up a little. Below are two polls, the first one is for who you think killed Rebecca, and the second, for who you think will still be standing once the credits roll at the end of the last episode.

I will add any new names that prove popular in the comments to the first poll, or if any new suspect arises on the show. If anyone dies, I will be taking their name off of the second poll. Like last year, I haven't yet seen the last couple of episodes, so although I do know the fate of some of the characters, I am more or less in the dark about how things will turn out in the end.

You may vote for up to two people in the Who Killed Rebecca poll, and as many characters as you like in the Who Will Survive one. We also love to hear your theories and thoughts so far on the show, so please do leave comments below and share the post with other Fanshees via the buttons on the left of the page.

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