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New Girl - Episode 5.14 - Review: "300 Feet"

New Girl - Episode 5.14 - Review: "300 Feet"

Jess gets hit with a restraining order from her ex-boyfriend Sam on this week's episode of New Girl while the guys contend with a hip-new bar that opened across the street and has been taken all of their parking. " the name of the bar...that we own, you buffoon!" The nutmeg joke was perfect, subtle, but perfect. I think Jess continuing to pester Sam has been done to death and I can't believe this specific plot line was continued from 2 weeks ago. It's just too much and for Jess' age, she should be well past this stage of clinginess. Eventually, you have to accept that not everyone is going to like you and you have to let it go.

"We're going to have to update some amenities so they don't always catch on fire." I found myself pulling for Schmidt, Nick, and Cece as they tried to handle the new bar up the street encroaching on their territory. The new bar owner, Connie (Busy Phillips), confronted the gang after a run-by-fishing incident and threatened total war between the gang. I imagine Nick falling for her if she is around during next week's double header of episodes because her life is in just as much turmoil as Nick. Meanwhile, Jess has an awkward run in at the car wash and Sam decides to drive her home, continuing her path of destruction through his life. But they hooked up! "I once slide across the roof of a car, scratched it all up...didn't have to pay for it though, because I'm a cop." Classic Winston.

Nick gathering the families was quite funny and Connie's reaction was appropriate one of ridiculousness. Schmidt's declaration of faith in Nick was a nice bromantic moment. And I totally called it by the end of the episode with Nick and Connie. If she comes back, I'm telling you, it'll happen. In addition, Megan Fox (Reagan) is set to return to the show so I imagine some reaction will be necessary with where they left things. The will they, won't they nature of how Sam and Jess rekindled their romance is way to rom-com for me, but it was a sweet way to end the episode. I have no idea where they're taking this arc, not to mention Schmidt and Cece's wedding, but we're along for the ride. I imagine the season finale will be the wedding, even though I assumed it would be earlier. Finally, New Girl was just picked up for a sixth season! So whatever happens during the remaining episodes and lead up to the wedding, at least we will see the aftermath for the gang. Tune in next week for back to back all new episodes of New Girl .

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