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Lucifer - #TeamLucifer - Review: “Hail Lucifer”

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Lucifer’s world has been shattering for some time now but in this episode it completely imploded on him. The people he cares about the most have abandoned him in one way or another. In most cases he himself facilitated the dissolution of the relationships with his fear fueled actions. The paranoia finally won out leaving Lucifer to flounder around trying to retake his life but experiencing one misstep after another throughout the episode.

This was an interesting, and morbid, case of the week and to be honest the reveal of the actual murderer did surprise me. I thought for sure it’d be the psycho street preacher but after watching the episode again he was always far too obvious for it to have been him. I did like the follow through that they brought him back from that earlier episode. It was a rather brilliant and thoroughly thought out setup by Malcolm. I knew Malcolm was a crazy psychotic man that should have been left in Hell, but this was beyond even what I thought he was capable of. Though the clues were peppered throughout the episode it wasn’t until Lucifer saw the red on his hands that everything came crashing together. This was the best case resolution they’ve had to date as the episode held the identity of the murderer very close to the vest until the absolute last moment available to them to stun viewers. Major props to Kevin Rankin for perfectly portraying Malcolm giving himself over to the psychosis that has plagued him since Amenadiel resurrected him. Malcolm became more erratic throughout the episode as he obsessed over Lucifer, but that scene at Lucifer’s place when he was caught was a moment of pure acting genius. Malcolm’s eyes grew wide with excitement and his body shook with nervous energy that really helped set the mood of the impending moment. Rankin blew me away in this scene and while I hate Malcolm I think he’s a great foil for Dan and Lucifer. I hope Malcolm survives the season finale because I think this crazy psycho has a lot more trouble to cause. He’s a great catalyst for events so I hope he sticks around to cause some more trouble and help the story keep propelling forward. I can’t wait to see how Amenadiel explains to his Father how he allowed this murderer to escape Hell.

As it is Amenadiel isn’t exactly earning any points with his Father the longer he stays in Los Angeles. He’s having sex with Maze and trying to have his own brother murdered which are apparently both things that don’t exactly uphold Angel etiquette. I did end up being partially right about Maze and her reasoning for getting closer to Amenadiel. I was also partially wrong because she did seem to genuinely fall for him in the end. Like I said in the last review, I hope Amenadiel and Maze do wind up together because I absolutely love the chemistry between Lesley-Ann Brandt and D.B. Woodside. The theme of vulnerability continued from the last episode, and it’s increasingly obvious that Maze makes Amenadiel feel vulnerable. He has felt an attraction to her for some time and being intimate with her definitely didn’t help to change that. When she tried to take the demon blade to him, and couldn’t, he could have easily used it to end her, but ultimately these two genuinely care for one another. Neither could end the other because there were real feelings involved in Maze’s deception and I think Amenadiel could tell that.

When the brothers were fighting it was so fitting for Maze, of all beings, to stop their brotherly squabble. She was royally pissed off at both of them because she cares for them both and was used by them. Lucifer is her boss and a very dear friend and Amenadiel is the Angel she’s fallen in love with. She is firmly stuck between them and until they work out their differences there is no way Maze can stand with either of them. I think she left the blades knowing that when the chance was given the brothers wouldn’t be able to end one another which is why each was using her in the first place. Like it or not the brothers do seem to actually care about each other yet each is jealous of something the other has. Ultimately I think Lucifer will end up having to rely on both of them to clear his name from the murder he’s being framed for.

While the episode ended with Lucifer being arrested the early part of the episode wasn’t any better for him. Given how connected he is with Chloe I can only imagine how hard it was for him to avoid her for a full three weeks. He cares a great deal about Chloe but he also really values his immortality so he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. I loved the scene where he checks her back because he thinks she could be an angel. He's so desperate for answers that he's grasping at straws trying to figure out how to fix her so he can be around her. He can be with her and risk his life or be without her and risk a part of himself. There really is no good answer for him and the look on his face when Dr. Linda suggested he stay away from Chloe said more than any words can. Staying away from her permanently isn’t an option so he has to figure out what is causing her to make him vulnerable. That is the very thing all fans have been wondering all season, so I hope Lucifer comes up with an answer so we can all know what makes her so special.

Chloe had her own struggles as she tried to understand why both Dan and Lucifer seemed to suddenly push her away. She was willing to give Lucifer the benefit of the doubt but with Dan she still can’t get over the text message she still thinks he sent her. This was a great chance for him to come clean to her about everything but it seems he’s decided to keep trying to go it alone. Until that changes he has no chance with Chloe, which is okay by me, because I think she can do much better than him. It did frustrate me that after all Dan went through in the prior episode he still doubts Lucifer. I’m still trying to figure out how two very skeptical people managed to produce a very observant and open to all possibilities daughter. Neither of them believes a single thing about Lucifer yet Trixie seems to. By the way, let me just say that her single scene wasn’t nearly enough but at least it’s more than we got in the last episode. Anytime Scarlett Estevez and Tom Ellis share the screen it is pure epic genius. Next season they have got to find a way to utilize this extremely talented young actress more.

The biggest surprise of the entire episode was the very end when Chloe turned her gun on Lucifer and ordered him under arrest. It was especially jarring after the serious moment they had just shared. She reassured him she wasn’t out to get him then moments later pulls her gun on him. Yes, I know he was acting erratic the entire episode and I realize the body was in his bar, but come on she’s been around him long enough to know murdering isn’t really his thing. She should have at least given him the benefit of the doubt, but I get that for the narrative of the story it had to be her holding the gun on him because that’s when the stakes are real. I just hope it doesn’t take her long in the season finale to come to her senses and realize he’s being setup. What I’m truly curious about is if Maze or Amenadiel will try and aid her in helping Lucifer.

Going into the season finale everything in Lucifer’s world is turned upside down and all shaken up. The stakes are higher than they’ve been all season and I think things are about to get very real as Lucifer fights to clear his name. I’m sure he will, but at what cost? Will he have to finally return to Hell? Will Malcolm find his way to Hell only to release more demons on the city? Will the feather Maze salvaged finally play a part in the story? So many questions and theories and only one episode to give fans at least a couple answers.

The cast has been pitching the season finale as a game changer. I think I’ve read more than a few times that it will fundamentally change the show which could mean so many things. The season finale promises to be epic and I can’t wait to finally see what the show has been working towards all season. I just hope that by the end of the season finale Chloe finally believes Lucifer is the Devil and we have some answers as to how Chloe is so special.

Do not miss the season finale on Monday, April 25th on FOX at 9/8C.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on this episode and your speculation on what the season finale will bring.

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