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Jane the Virgin - Episode 2.19 - Chapter Forty One - Promos *Updated*

Extended Promo


How will Petra deal with this going forward? This is a huge thing to learn. What is the next step?

It will be interesting to see because it could go a few ways for her. Either she finally has a friend or she could get on her nerves. I don’t know. It could go quite a few ways. We'll see. I think its nice for her to have somebody in her life that is not her mother because, basically poor Petra has had these series of unfortunate relationships and they never worked out, and the only other stable person she had in her life was her mother and I wouldn't exactly call her stable.

Anezka has a totally different background and a different outlook on her life. How do you think she may influence or change Petra?

It will definitely have a big impact on her one way or another. We'll see where it takes her.

In another very telenovela-like twist, Anezka seems to be developing feelings for Rafael. How will that complicate things going forward?

Like the narrator says, "It does promise to be awkward." (Laughs.) I don’t actually know where it goes yet so we'll see.