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Jane The Virgin - Chapter Thirty-Seven & Chapter Thirty-Eight - Review

Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Thirty-Seven,” was written by Sarah Goldfinger and directed by Melanie Mayron. Goldfingers other credits include Almost Human, Hawaii Five-O, and Brothers & Sisters. Mayron does double duty on the episode as she is also playing Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) new supervisor Marlene Donaldson!

This week’s flashback tells us that Jane (Alison Fernandez) always had strong opinions: about politics, her mother’s clothes, and Alba’s (Ivonne Coll) superstitions! Flashing forward to the present it’s six weeks before Jane and Michael’s (Brett Dier) wedding. Alba’s former lover Pablo (Marcelo Tubert) is coming all the way from Venezuela to see Alba, and she’s NOT happy about it because he is cursed!

Meanwhile, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) hasn’t even called about the wedding. Jane calls and gets Paola (Ana de la Reguera) on speaker phone. When he hears that Jane and Michael are getting married, we see tiny hearts from Rogelio – of course, he’s thrilled! He adores Michael! Paola decides that the time is come to say good bye because it’s just a matter of time now that Rogelio’s family will realize something is wrong. She’s decided to livestream their murder-suicide! I loved the narrator (Anthony Mendez) freaking out over this scene…

Jane meets with her new supervisor, who turns out to be a staunch – and incredibly stereotypical feminist. When Jane tells Marlene that she writes romance, Marlene is completely unprofessional and says “barf!” Honestly, this is the worst faculty I’ve ever seen! Marlene insists that Jane’s writing must pass the “Bechdel test.” The funniest thing about this particular test is that it came out of a comic strip by Alison Bechdel- Dykes to Watch Out For – and was originally meant as a little lesbian joke. The two characters in the strip discuss the test in connection with picking a movie to go and see.

Jane, of course, takes the criticism to heart and immediately tries to make her chapters pass the test. Even if her own life fails the test! In another meeting, her supervisor asks her what kind of book she’s writing. Is it for bored housewives or is it something more. I did think this was a fair question. She then pushes Jane to add a framing narrative to her story. Marlene wants to know more about the context of the story. In the end, she does concede that she likes Jane’s story a little more.

Petra (Yael Grobglas) seems to be having trouble bonding with the twins. It’s hilarious to see her simply carry on with her life as if nothing has changed – certainly she’s not doing any of the changing! Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is in his element and enjoying every minute with his girls. Have I mentioned yet how adorable Baldoni is with babies? The nurse (Jenn Liu) clearly can’t wait for Petra to be discharged, but it’s clear that Petra doesn’t want to leave and is afraid.

Once she’s home, however, Petra isn’t interested in having Rafael spend the night. She’s hired two night nurses for that – Helga (Michelle Twarowska) and Wilma (Claudia Zielke)! Petra goes back to work and tells Rafael that she’s happy there. Rafael turns to Jane for advice. Jane says she doesn’t get it because she was a virtual shut in with Mateo and Xo (Andrea Navedo) had to push her out of the house. Jane then tells Rafael that he might need to give Petra the push.

Rafael takes Jane’s advice and gives Wilma and Helga the night off – without telling Petra first. Petra is not thrilled. She tells Rafael that she doesn’t think “this” is for her. Rafael dismisses her, saying, sure it is. It does seem that Petra gets a little past her fear as she finally holds one of the twins.

Jane is finally worried enough about Rogelio that she asks Michael to stop by and check on him. Paola is already pouring the poisoned wine and Rogelio’s life is flashing before his eyes – but then he really sees Michael lurking outside the window! The narrator reminds us that Michael is a detective and he’s put the clues together to realize that Rogelio is in trouble. Finding Rogelio’s cosmetic create unopened at the door was a dead giveaway! Rogelio convinces Paola that they should film outside for the better light and Michael is waiting to capture her and set Rogelio free.

Rogelio is next seen asking a paramedic (Drew Schaefer Crookston) about wound covering makeup when Xo and Jane rush to his side. Rogelio and Xo have a wonderful moment before they realize that they are supposed to be broken up. Soledad (Iris Almario) – Rogelio’s agent – shows up and tells him that Jose Diaz-Balart may want to interview him about the ordeal. It’s just the excuse Rogelio needs to avoid talking about it. Rather than tell Jane how he’s feeling he discusses his twitter followers with Soledad.

Meanwhile, Jane is dealing with a crisis with Michael’s parents. Michael doesn’t want to be alone with them, but Patricia (Molly Hagan) and Michael Sr (Daniel Roebuck) are surprised to see Jane there when they arrive. His parents hadn’t been in the same room since his high school graduation, but they’ve united to tell him they think he’s making a big mistake marrying Jane! His parents remind him of how heartbroken he was when Jane broke up with him. Jane is so upset that she runs out.

Jane tries again when Patricia and Michael Sr agree to dinner. They end up interrogating her and Patricia points out it looks like Jane simply fell in love with someone else and dumped their son! However, when the discussion turns to Mateo, Michael shuts it down, telling them that this isn’t “some other guy’s kid” this is Mateo! He tells them that he loves Mateo and Jane – and then he leaves with Jane.

When Jane gets a text from Michael saying that his parents aren’t coming to the engagement party, she drops everything and drives to Fort Myers to win them over. She appeals to Patricia as one mom to another – and it works! They agree to come to the engagement party. Michael is astounded, but Jane emphasizes that family is important – a theme that runs through this episode.

However, Jane gets a call just as the party is about to start from Soledad – Rogelio’s in trouble and Jane goes to him. Rogelio had told Jane he’d be late because of his interview with Jose Diaz-Balart, but now he can’t seem to go through with the interview. Rogelio tells Jane that he doesn’t want to be seen as a victim and he doesn’t want people to make fun of him. Camil is excellent as Rogelio finally opens up to Jane about having been afraid he was going to die.

Jane finally arrives to the party with Rogelio after staying to support him through the interview. The party is winding down and Michael’s parents are mad! Patricia points out that once again, Jane chose someone over Michael. Jane has finally had enough. She tells Patricia that Michael understands and that’s all that matters. She’s done trying to make people like her. When Patricia says if they come to the wedding, it will only be for Michael, Jane simply replies “Noted.”

Meanwhile, Rafael gets to know Derek (Mat Vairo), who actually comes to him. Rafael lies and says he’s not working with the cops. The two share an uncomfortable lunch – at least Rafael is uncomfortable! He asks if Derek knew their mother was a crime lord – no – and why Derek disappeared – he didn’t have tunnels under his hotel!

Against Michael’s advice, Rafael gets on a boat with Derek. Turns out it is Derek’s boat and is where he went to think when the news of their mother blew up. They were seizing assets and Derek admits he freaked out. He also tells Rafael that his father used to run ½ marathons twice a year and then suddenly died of a heart attack. Derek was worried that their mother might have had him killed! Derek also laments that he suddenly had no family, but Rafael assures him that he does have family! There’s that theme again.

Rafael calls Michael and tells him that Derek is telling the truth. And he does this in front of Derek, whom he’s clearly told everything to! Rafael tells Michael to investigate all he likes, but Rafael is out! Or is he….???

Finally, Alba tells Xo and Jane the whole story about the curse. Alba heard rumors about the curse but ignored them because she was in love. However, when all the flowers and crops died in her parents’ beautiful garden after she made love there with Pedro, she broke it off.  I loved how the show introduced Pablo so menacingly as we see just his boots and his shadow at the door! And of course, when he walks in, the lights go out!

Alba does agree to one date though even though she’s sure that the curse is causing all the problems with Jane’s supervisor and Michael’s parents – and even a small fire when she says yes! When Alba tells Pablo it can only be the one date because of the curse, he tells her she’s just afraid of their passion – there is no curse! The two share a tango – the lights flicker at the Villanueva home! – the two share a kiss – and water comes bursting through the ceiling!!!!

“Chapter Thirty-Eight” was written by Micah Schraft and was directed by Georgina Garcia Reidel, whose only other credits include projects which she also wrote, such as Ana Maria in Novela Land. The gimmick in this episode was to bring everything back to the Bible – starting with “In the beginning.” Jane finds her first Bible in the rubble of the house – which Alba deems a miracle – and Rogelio’s “Wedding Bible” also plays a big role.

As always with the flashbacks, they establish a main theme in the episode – in this one it’s building, acquiring or establishing a home. So we see Mateo (Dennis Mencia) and Alba (Rosie Garcia) move into the house, and we learn that Mateo actually built the porch swing where so many important conversations have taken place!

We jump to the present and Xo and Alba are staying at the Mirabella while renovations are done on the house. It means that Jane is going to have to find somewhere else for the wedding! Michael is also going to have to find somewhere else to live as his lease is up and the neighbors have complained about Mateo crying.

Rogelio and Jane disagree over the size of the wedding. When he hears how few people Jane wants to invite, he’s shocked and exclaims, “that’s not a wedding, it’s a game night!” He’s also afraid that he’ll lose friends if he can’t invite all of them to the wedding!

Michael and Jane go house hunting but everything in their price range in the area is horrible. I loved the gimmick that had the fireplace in one house talking to Jane and the wallpaper in another. They do find a place they love that is about a 40 minute drive away. Even the wallpaper knows that Jane’s baby-daddy isn’t going to go for it. Rafael offers to pay the difference if they get a house in the area, but Jane can’t compromise that much. Jane says they’ll set up a schedule, and it’s only for a year’s lease. In the end, she says they are taking it.

Jane runs into Petra in the middle of the night in the halls of the Mirabella. Jane is walking a screaming Mateo – and thanks for doing that in the halls of a hotel! I did really like how the show is quietly inclusive in who walks by Jane in the hallways. Petra almost seems to be sleep walking – and it’s pretty clear right from the get go that she’s experiencing post partem depression. Again, I love that the show is tackling this important issue. Grobglas is fantastic in this episode.

Luckily, Petra has Jane, who doesn’t let it go. Petra finally admits that she’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Jane tells her about her Mom’s group. Petra tries to use the excuse that it’s too overwhelming to go out with two babies, but Jane just offers to go with her. Petra does feel better when she sees all the other moms are also overwhelmed. Petra relaxes enough to admit that she’s having trouble connecting with the babies, but when the instructor suggests she’s slipping into post partem depression, Petra gets angry, says she’s going to the washroom, and walks out.

Jane follows with the name of a doctor that one of the other moms suggested. Petra didn’t like how the other mothers were judging her, but Jane knows how to work Petra and tells her the doctor is very exclusive and expensive! Subsequently, when Rafael complains about Jane wanting to move 40 minutes away, Petra freaks out on him and he ends up agreeing to let Jane and Michael take the house.

Alba and Pablo are continuing to date. He wants her to come to his room, but she insists that she has to set an example for Jane. No sex out of wedlock! So Pablo proposes and Alba says yes! Xo thinks it’s a joke when she tells them. I loved the non-verbal communication between Jane and Xo. Rodriguez and Navedo have such wonderful chemistry!

For a while, it looks like it could be a double wedding, until Xo and Jane catch Pedro going into another woman’s room! They tell Alba in the “after the fall” portion of the story. Alba admits that she’s horny and sad. Xo sees the silver lining as at least it means Alba should be ready to date some new guys and find “the one.” Alba doesn’t shy away from making a huge scene and casting Pablo out of the Mirabella. We know she did the right thing in casting out the serpent because there is a rainbow!

Xo tries to navigate between Rogelio and Jane about the wedding. Rogelio says that he is still heartbroken over their breakup and needs his space. Xo tries to tell him that this is about family and therefore more important. Rogelio tries an end run around Jane by introducing her to everyone he wants to invite, including Charo! Jane tells him that she and Michael will pay for everything themselves so she can invite who she wants.

Xo suggests to Jane that she could please everyone by having a small ceremony and letting Rogelio have a big reception. Xo tells Jane that the wedding isn’t all about her – it’s also a chance for her family to show her off. When Jane tells Rogelio what she’s decided to do, he immediately knows who he can get to help him with the wedding – Xo! He confesses to her that he thought if he stayed away, she’d relent, but now he realizes that he has to move on… NO!!! Not possible! Xo and Rogelio have to be end game!!!

Meanwhile, Jane is having second thoughts about the house and consults Alba and Xo. She’s starting to worry about leaving them. Alba tells her that she’s an adult now and it’s time for Jane to forge her own path. However, as she and Michael are about to sign the papers, Mateo starts walking, and Jane realizes that while it might be okay for her to be far from her parents because she’s an adult, it’s not fair for Mateo to be far from his dad.

        And once again, Michael has the perfect response: it “doesn’t matter where we live. Wherever you are is home to me.”

Petra does go to see the doctor. The doctor suggests it is very likely post partem depression and asks if it runs in her family, prompting Petra to visit Magda (Priscilla Barnes) in prison. Magda is as horrible as ever and still appears to care nothing for her own daughter – perhaps she never made it through her own Post partem depression? Magda cruelly tells Petra that she wasn’t cut out for motherhood and neither is Petra. She tells her that the best thing she could do is to just give the babies away!

Out of the blue the realtor calls Michael and Jane with the perfect house – everything they want in the perfect location. The two go to see it only to see that the viewing is packed! They collaborate on the perfect letter to send, explaining what makes them the perfect tenants. And they get the house! The suspect that Rafael is subsidizing it so that they can afford it but confirm that he’s not. However, only we learn that it is PETRA who has bought the house and is helping them!

Rogelio has also been busy making Jane’s dreams come true and has built an exact replica of the house on a sound stage! It’s a wonderfully meta moment as we pull out from the house set – which has to be the house set used for the show! The Villanueva women share a moment on the swing – now that Rogelio has had built – and realize that is the end of an era. It will be different, but it’s time.

      Alba wonders where beautiful music is coming from, and they find Charo playing guitar – practicing for the wedding! It was a lovely way to weave in what a wonderful classical guitarist she still is!

Finally, we also see Rafael getting closer to his new family – Derek. Michael brings Derek in to question him only to have Rafael show up and shut it down, insisting that Derek is not to be questioned without a lawyer present.

Derek comes to Rafael to say goodbye. He’s going to New York because there’s nothing for him in Miami and he’s tired of people judging him. Rafael offers to get him a job if he stays – and the narrator (Anthony Mendez) worries that this might be a Cain/Abel thing – pulling us back to the Bible references again!

Rafael calls Michael to let him know that he’s got Derek and office and job – so we know for sure that the two are still working together. Michael thanks Rafael for letting them move, even if they aren’t, and it sure seems like these two are finally over their differences.

The episode ends with Petra packing! It seems she is going to take what her mother said to heart and abandon her babies! Looks like more missing persons work for Michael…

What did you think of the two episodes? Were you relieved to see Rogelio rescued? Are you worried now about Petra? Do you think Derek is bad news? Can Rogelio and Xo still be together? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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