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Grimm - The Believer - Review

Hi Grimmers! Sorry but I'm having a hard time lately and I'm sorry if I'm posting this review right now. Let's focus on the episode. 

In The Believer, an evangelical preacher has a tent revival unlike any other when he uses his Wesen identity to gain more believers. Nick and Hank are called to the scene as things escalate when a group of "true believers" are hell bent on saving the preacher and his flock by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard takes further steps to gain power in local government. Elsewhere, Eve uses Adalind's ol' hat trick to gain more access to Black Claw.

The Wesen of the week involves a local preacher, Dwight Eleazar, who hasn't afraid to woge in front of his people, especially if he can convince them he can defeat the Evil because he has a gift. I guess it's true what they said: "There can be no Good without Evil." The fact is that Dwight is also aware Satan posses him when he woges. Nick and Hank stop a man who claims Dwight is deceiving people, asking for money and in return he frees them from the Devil. What's the real truth at this point? Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee go undercover and see Dwight's show - why Adalind isn't part of the Scoobies? I'm disappointed she's always left home alone this season. Friendly reminder she keeps asking about Diana's whereabouts.
Anyway, Nick and Hank find out Dwight has been married for 15 years with a woman, Joan Vark. She's believes that her ex husband is actually possessed and she thinks the Devil made their marriage end. Joan convinces other members of the cult to set him free. This is not going to end well. Thank God, Nick and Hank come to rescue but Dwight is dead. While Joan thinks she set him free, while she and the others are arrested for the kidnapping and the murder of the preacher.

Meanwhile, that Sean Renard thing is still on. He's still run for mayor and Eve wants to know what he's up to. The only chance she has is turning into him, like the old Juliette did when she became Adalind back in season 4. Anyway, Eve didn't see it coming when Rachel comes to visit Renard, who is actually Eve, and wants to have "some fun"! How awkward is this?
Also Wu. Poor Wu. He's showing the first signs of his change, after you know, last episode Lycanthrophia. Do you think he's going to turn into a wolf during full moon?

What did you think about the episode? Do you think the Wesens this season are more interesting?
Share your comments below.

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