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Game of Silence - Hurricane Gil - Advance Preview

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Game of Silence “Hurricane Gil” airs Thursday April 21 at 10/9C on NBC. This series continues to slowly – but not too slowly! – unravel the past while deepening the present mystery. Look for Michael Raymond-James (Gil) to deliver an outstanding performance in this episode.

As the episode opens, it’s clear that Gil has perhaps been the most profoundly affected of the boys by what happened to him at Quitman. Meanwhile, Jackson (David Lyons) and Marina (Claire van der Boom) get a case that Jackson is uniquely suited to argue. We learn why Jackson is just making partner while Marina was already a partner in the law firm.

Jesse (Bre Blair) and Marina finally meet. And yes, it’s as awkward as you think it will be! There are five unexpected visitors in the episode.

There are several flashbacks in the episode. We get two flashbacks about Terry (Demetrius Grosse) and his brother Dennis (Chuma Gault). It’s clear that there is a good brother and a bad brother in the family! Myles Grier as Young Terry and Ian Gregg as Young Dennis do a terrific job. I like the way the show is giving us some context and depth for all the characters.

The episode also features a flashback to how Shawn (Larenz Tate) – played in flashback by McCarrie McCausland – came to the neighborhood and met Gil – played by Judah Lewis in flashbacks.  Things in the present get even more complicated…. And I can’t say more than that! But here are a few dialogue teasers – in no particular order!

In prison, you’re either the perpetrator or you’re the victim.
You kids got everything you deserved,,,
You better have a good reason for being late.
I got a bullet traveled 28 years to meet you.
Why do you have that tattoo?
Now we can get the real party started.
We’re always going to be the same. It’s in our souls.
Sometimes a good man is capable of doing a bad thing.

Don’t miss the next episode of Game of Silencetonight at 10/9C on NBC!


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