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Game of Silence - Blood Brothers - Advance Preview

Game of Silence airs its second episode, “Blood Brothers,” on Thursday, April 14 on NBC at 10/9C as it moves into its regular timeslot. If you missed the “Pilot,” you can still jump in to this great new series as there’s an extensive “last time” at the beginning of the episode. The episode was written by exec producer David Hudgins and was directed by Dave Rodriguez, whose other credits include Chicago PD, Scandal, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

This episode focuses on the friends’ quest to avenge Boots’ death. It’s clear that the theme of justice is going to figure prominently in the series. There are more terrific flashbacks in this episode. One flashback shows how Jesse (Bre Blair) met the others – who were already firm friends. Look for a great Billy Idol song for this one!

A lot of the attention this week is on the women in the circle. Marina (Claire van der Boom) and Jackson (David Lyons) are clearly from very different backgrounds. She provides a real contrast to Annie (Nikki Tomlinson), but while Annie knows more about Boots’ background, she too is in the dark about a lot of it.

We get a lot more clues in this episode, but the mystery also deepens. Some threads from the past are going to be difficult to unravel as the three old friends try to track down other people they knew at Quitman. We do learn that one character has been divorced twice already. Michael Raymond-James as Gil and Larenz Tate as Shawn turn in terrific performances – as does the entire cast. Look for Gil to have an emotional reunion with someone from their past.

This is another tightly wound episode, teasing just enough to generate more interest and deepen the mystery. Conor O’Ferrell is delightfully evil as Roy Carroll and Demetrius Grosse as Terry provides a nuanced performance. He’s clearly cold-blooded, but there is definitely more going on there too, leaving you wondering how he got to where he is. This episode also gives us a little more background on Detective Liz Winters (Deidrie Henry) and introduces her partner, Detective Oscar Salcido (Al Vicente).

Here are some line teasers from the episode:

People have long memories. Especially when they’re bad.
Now, you can’t breathe.
He disappeared in 1998, and I’m not going to be next!
All you had to do was call.
I’d set him on fire, shoot him in the face, and go get a bag of tacos.
Help us get some justice.
I knew it was wrong, but I don’t know what else I could have done.

Don’t forget to tune in to “Blood Brothers” when Game of Silence moves to its regular night this Thursday, April 12 at 10/9C on NBC!

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