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Broken - ABC Pilot Preview

This year, ABC execs are into procedural shows while Castle is coming to an end. At least that’s what have been said in the news. But their pilot slate doesn’t reflect upon it yet. Next year, maybe. Not that it is a good idea anyway… After Conviction, which is the closest they have to a straight procedural (read the preview), and John Ridley’s heavy-serialized detective show Presence (read the preview), here comes Broken, previously known as Please Don’t Go (which was a way better title I think), starring Anna Paquin. But first, it’s not a police procedural. In fact, police is not involved in this, at all. And the procedural element is tiny. It’s mostly a legal drama dealing with one of the most public and expensive divorce cases in the state of Texas where billions of dollars are at stake. We will follow its twists and turns throughout the season, with probably a few minor cases added to the mix along the way. As I see things, it’s a good compromise, more in ABC’s wheeelhouse, but it also makes it a weaker contestant for a series pick-up. This, plus the fact that it could have been better.


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