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Bates Motel - There’s No Place Like Home - Review

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Love is blind! There’s no greater example of this then Norma’s love for her son, Norman. Just when you think there’s a small chance of Norma being able to escape her inevitable dooming fate, we’re reminded how strong the bond is between those two. No matter how badly Norman descends into the darkness Norma cannot see the reality of the situation. There’s No Place Like Home, is the perfect title for this episode of Bates Motel. It showcases just how strong of a hold Norman has on Norma and how her love for Norman will be her greatest downfall.

Ever since last week’s confession of Norma’s past to Romero I’ve been dying to see how their interactions would change. As I suspected these two seem the happiest we’ve ever seen them. They’ve become more honest with each other and are even talking about taking on some projects together. It was great to see them planning a future and being truthful, as Romero revealed that he was actually hiding “a bunch of money” in the basement. Though at first Norma was apprehensive about using the money, Romero gave a lovely speech on how she deserved some good karma, and that it would be helping him out as he was at a loss on what to do with it. I loved how that demonstrates how he is still morally troubled about killing Bob. Romero is such a moralistic character and this just emphasizes even more how much he loves Norma!

Is this happiness short lived? I hope not but with what transpires shortly after Norma and Romero’s beautiful exchange in the basement it’s hard not to envision things turning into complete and utter chaos! Norman literally pieced together the news Norma and Romero are married. What’s his first reaction to this? Calling home, only to discover the sheriff is answering the phone. Upon talking to Norma he announces that he is coming home. Watching Norman’s course of action is one of my favourite aspects of this episode. Freddie Highmore cannot receive enough praise for his performance. He is immensely gifted!

“I know how to make the world see me as someone normal. Someone kind. Someone nice.” hits me as a considerable moment for Norman. He’s no longer focused on genuinely getting better but instead turns to scheming his way out of Pineview. Norman truly does know all the right things to say, as he later pleads with Norma to let him come home, while he also confronts her about the news of her marriage. The dialogue that was exchanged between them in that scene was incredibly intense as Norma insists that she only married Romero for the insurance. All the while, Norman is acting extremely betrayed by all of this. Is anyone else terribly worried for Romero’s safety now? Regardless whether Norman knows the truth or not this can only lead Norman to be more unpredictable and horrifying than ever before!

In what I can only describe as a heart wrenching scene with Dr. Edwards and Norman at the end of the episode; Norman breaks down, telling the doctor that it does scare him that when he blacks out he doesn’t remember, but believes that he would do better at home. At home, with the person the makes him feel complete, whole and safe. With Dr. Edwards and Norma’s help, he really thinks he could get better. Again, Freddie Highmore is stellar and had me tearing up and really believing that that is the true reason for him wanting to go home! It’s not until we see his chilling facial expression that left me wishing everyone knew what a colossal mistake it is to let Norman go home!

What happened to Audrey? That’s what I’m wondering and you’re probably wondering that too! Well we know Dylan is wondering what happened to her as he investigates her disappearance. I loved last week’s scenes between Dylan and Norman, acting very brotherly, but I’m thankful that Dylan’s not fooled by Norman’s charm. He still realizes that Norman is dangerous and even says so to Norma. I loved the scene of Dylan trying to get information from Norma about Audrey’s stay at the motel. Unfortunately she is still in complete denial of what Norman is capable of and tries to downplay everything. After Dylan presents all the information he’s learned to Emma she completely dismisses it as anything serious and rationalizes it as something her mother would do. It was a very sweet and tender moment with at the end, where Dylan tells Emma that he loves her. I don’t applaud Olivia Cooke and Max Thieriot nearly enough but those two are doing an incredible job!

It comes as no surprise that I loved this episode of Bates Motel. The show as always been outstanding but as we are nearing the end of the season each episode is only intensifying and has me wishing for more! I will never be able to stress enough just how amazing this show is. The incredible writing has you on the edge of your seat each and every episode. And as I mentioned numerous times before in this and in past reviews, the entire cast is is unbelievably talented. It shows on screen and even behind the scenes. This week’s episode was directed by Nestor Carbonell. He did a marvellous job and I hope that he will be directing more next season. Though, I’m very sad next week’s episode is the eighth of a ten episode season, I still can’t wait to see wait to see happens next. What about you?

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Alexandra is an avid TV, film, and music fan from Canada. She attended film school and was a camera operator for a local sports show. Growing up she watched shows like Due South, Pretender, X-files, Early Edition, and Frasier. Her favourite shows are Bates Motel, The Mentalist, and The Closer. Alexandra will be reviewing Bates Motel, Proof, The Whispers and Masters of Sex.

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