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Banshee - Job - Review: "Soldier boy"

   Banshee continued last night its amazing fourth season with a very special episode, titled "Job". And as hinted by its title and last week ending, it was finally time to see Job back ! How I have missed Hoon Lee in the first two episodes of this final season. His return was everything that I’ve expected : emotional, fun and with a good action scene !

     It was real painful to watch Job being tortured, they were very cruel with him, beating him up, scaring him with a fake execution. It didn’t like watching Job suffer like that. The sequence with all the Jobs inside the cell was particularly heartbreaking. But thanks to Carrie and Fat Au, Job had a real chance of getting rescue.
   They finally found a lead, as they had identified Leo Fitzpatrick as the son of a bitch who took Job in last season finale. He turned out to be a teacher, when he spotted Fat AU, Carrie and Hood, he ran as fast as he could. The chase scene, with Hood running after him was excellent. Banshee is always at its best in those action sequence. It was just perfect, so thrilling ! Fat Au And Sugar got him nicely.

   Carrie and Hood interrogated Fitzpatrick, who at first acted like he didn’t know anything. I like how Carrie questioned him, he deserved to get punched after what he did but it turned out Fat AU was a better interrogator than both of them. At least, Hood and Carrie had the time to talk a little, and Carrie expressed once again her guilt over Gordon’s death. That’s probably what motives her even more to rescue Job.
   Anyways, Leo talked and he revealed there was a way to get Job back : money. As the black site where he was hold was run apart from the government, the place was autonomous so secret deals could be made. I was surprised it would take only money to get Job back, but getting him back was the only thing that mattered. The exchange took place, poor Job, fragile and damaged by his 20 months kidnapping finally got reunited with his family. I must say I had some tears in my eyes when he held Hood in his arms and after when Carrie also helped him walk. It was so sweet that they were finally together, it took time but they’re still a team.

   I was surprised at first that there were no action in the exchange, just money against Job. But of course, the military tried to play Fat Au and Hood. They wanted the money but they had no intention to let them live or at least they wanted to capture them too. I was afraid for a moment, there was no way they could escape safely… Unless of course Fat AU had anticipated them trying to play them and got snipers at the exchange places. It was really great to have him back, he’s definitely an asset to the team. Job was saved, and he even got his revenge but Fitzpatrick and the money, all of it, went away. Mmh, does this mean they’ll try to go back after him later ? I really want him to suffer more after what he did. But the team has something else to deal with first I guess

   It all started when Rebecca’s parents requested their daughter’s body to Brock, after a week, they needed it for her funeral. As a quite tensed Brock visited the ME to try to speed things up with her body, the ME shared one of his discovery : Rebecca was pregnant and it was Hood’s ! OMG, we could have had a cute baby Hood ! I'm so sad and I hate this crazy serial killer even more (especially when the ME told Brock Rebecca was still alive when her heart was ripped out.)
   So after Hood’s blood in her car and now his baby in her belly, Brock had no choice but to arrest Hood and he came to Sugar’s and ruined the gang reunion with Job. Obviously Hood didn’t do it, but now he knows about the baby, that will surely motivate him even more to find Rebecca’s killer. I still have no idea who could it be…. I’m even considering Calvin… And from the final scene, it looks like there is a new victim !

   In other parts of "Job", Proctor met with a nice young lady, on the run and he offered help. He treated her very well, invited her in his house, offering to stay in Rebecca’s room, to wear her clothes and to come and go as she’d want. Of course it seemed a little too perfect to be true, so Jennifer got scared, tried to steal a bunch of things and leave. But Proctor found her right before she could leave the house and he attacker her, I really thought he was going to kill her, strangling her but he saw Rebecca while doing it and Jennifer took advantage of his moment of weakness to run away, with the items she stole.
   I’m pretty sure Burton will find her and kill her but Rebecca’s flash as Proctor was strangling her could be a vision of what he has done ? Could Proctor be Rebecca’s killer ? I’m still not convinced he could be him but that was strange for him to have vision of Rebecca laughing like that...

   "Job" was another excellent episode of Banshee. I really loved this episode, Job is finally back on the team, and now we can focus on the serial killer and how the team will get their money back.
   What did you think of "Job ? Which was your favorite part ? How happy are you Job is back ? Who's the damn serial killer ? Hit the comments

Sheriff notes :
- So Bunker can't kill his own brother. Too bad :(
-  I loved Hood’s nickname "Soldier boy"
- "Since when legal even stopped you ?" Well said to Proctor.
- So Cruz is working with Proctor, being his "eyes and ears" inside the sheriff department. I knew something was off with her, but not like that. I can’t wait to see her ass getting kicked by Carrie
- Bunker’s flashback to his recovery in the burn unit and his relationship with Maggie, his brother’s wife were interesting but still I wonder where the Brotherhood storyline is going to go this season.

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