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Banshee - Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch - Advance Preview + Teasers

With Hood safely locked up in a cell when the serial killer strikes again, he has a rock solid alibi when Jill Francis’ (Cherie Daly) butchered body is discovered in the woods in the Kinaho Reservation. The man responsible wasn’t as careful this time round though. He’s made a fatal error, and fortunately he’s not even aware of the mistake, meaning that it shouldn’t be too long before someone will finally be able to start make inroads in tracking down who he actually is.

Banshee has never held back when it comes to violence, the actors and stunt crew train hard to ensure that every move is flawless in its execution making the sequences often defy what is typically feasible in the real world in order to entertain. The serial killer plot-line changes that up somewhat, in that it creates a definitive all-powerful perpetrator with a vulnerable prey, who instead of giving as good as they get, feels sheer, guttural terror at their plight. This makes for uncomfortable viewing, even though Tropper et al. have opted to show only a little of the harm that’s being inflicted, instead going for their classic Banshee edited montages which effectively presents the panic and disturbed mental state the victim feels during her last few hours instead.

I confess to wondering if this change in tone may split opinion among the fans to some degree, much as has the whodunnit arc has already been debated. We have seen the innocent and helpless being attacked before in the show – Soloman and Lana (The Warrior Class) spring to mind – so this is not a first, although it does take the idea further than before. Personally, I am happy with how the show is handling the plot so far, even if some of the scenes are more difficult to watch than usual. The resulting stakes have never been higher, meaning that the pressure on characters, such as Brock and Hood, for example, are ramped up as we rush headlong towards the end of the series.

Lucas and Jill aren’t the only ones trapped in a cage this episode, if we’re prepared to speak metaphorically. Job has been kept in a hell hole, subjected to physical and psychological abuse for nigh on two years, which is obviously going to have consequences. His body may now be free from the torture that was inflicted upon it, but his mind hasn’t quite yet escaped the horrors of what he experienced at the hands of Hightower. Attempting to rebuild his life when everyday occurrences – such as the bright morning sun falling on his sleeping face – cause him to instantly recoil at the memories of what he endured is going to be a gargantuan task. Then, of course, there are the more challenging aspects of life that characters who live in Banshee regularly face. Job’s road back to where he was before his kidnapping is going to be a long, uphill struggle I fear. Hoon Lee continues to excel this week, he’s always been one of my favourites, but the way he’s handling this weighty new material has showcased his talents on an entirely new level, proving he richly deserves the acclaim that’s been written about him this year.

We’re meeting, and getting to know better, some pivotal characters in Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch, including Eliza Dushku’s long anticipated arrival as FBI agent Veronica Dawson. She more or less fits in from the off, being a bit of an outcast where the Bureau is concerned and not being terribly discreet when it comes to a particular vice she should know better to stay away from. She’s able to defuse a tense situation well, however, and can see through people’s bullshit very quickly, though she’s met her match when she comes up against Hood who reads her like a book. The two of them work well together as actors and characters, with their relationship as the show moves forward growing ever more compelling.

Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch airs on Friday April 22 at 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT, below are a few teasers to see you through until then. If you want to have a go at guessing who said what, or any other blanks, I will fill in any correct answers before it airs. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“Just in case I do have to drive home alone, you want to tell me what this is really about? Why you doing this, hmm?” Job to Carrie

“This isn’t happening in the moment! Whoever did this shit, took time to plan it. Think!” Hood to Brock

Burton is instrumental in releasing Watts from his prison cell

“I know, but you’re going to have to trust me on this. I have something much bigger planned for you” Proctor to Rebecca

“Either you think I’m an idiot, or you wanted me to call you on it. What, so I would feel like I’m in control? We both know that’s not true”

“If I knew I would have said something to you. We need to take a step back and figure things out. This changes things” Kurt to ?

Cruz starts investigating who the vigilante could be

“What am I supposed to do, run away from the world like you?” Rebecca to Hood

“Because the minute we release him, Hood’s going to try and find Bowman’s killer on his own. And I’d like a little bit of a head start” Veronica to ?

“Do me a favour. Give me some time to sort things through, and as soon as I do, you will be the first to know” Rebecca to Proctor

“The only thing I know is that you’ve been lying to me since you got to Banshee. And the lies end here” Brock to Hood

Death count – at least 2

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