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12 Monkeys - Year of the Monkey - Advance Preview

12 Monkeys returns for season two with “Year of the Monkey” tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Syfy! The episode is written by the creative team of Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett and was directed by David Grossman, reuniting the three who worked on the season one finale. Matalas and Fickett take over as showrunners for season two from Natalie Chaidez.

This episode begins with a terrific voice over that lets you in on everything you need to know about season one, so if you managed to miss the entire first season, you can still jump in – it will all become clear!

The episode proper begins in 2016 and right in the middle of the action – though 3 months after the incidents of the first season finale. Don’t worry though – there are also scenes in 2043 in the episode as well. However, we join the action there a mere four days after the season one finale. Aaron Stanford reprises his role as Cole and Kirk Acevedo returns as Ramse. You’ll see the two of them in 2016, and you’ll also see Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines – and Hampshire has been upped to a series regular. Alisen Down is also back as Olivia.

In 2043, Todd Stashwick (Deacon) has also been upped to series regular. Barbara Sukowa also reprises her role as Katarina Jones. Amanda Schull reprises her role as Dr Cassie Railly – and you’ll see her in 2043 too. Deacon and Jones will find be the only two to find one incident funny.

The episode features the great special effects and stunts that we came to expect in the first season. There are also a few moments of terrific humor. The episode reminds us several times that time is moving differently for the characters based on which time they are in – and it’s still mind bending to try to keep all the time-related implications straight. You’ll see two sets of characters team up – again. One character will make a surprising ally. Look for a terrific guest appearance by Brendan Coyle – better known as Bates on Downton Abbey! He plays Dr Benjamin Kalman – an important acquaintance of Ramse’s.

And… that’s all I’m really going to tease about the season opener! However, here are some quotes – in no particular order – and no character names, either!

We do whatever it takes.
Do no harm died thirty years ago.
We owe something to the people who make us better.
You’ve got moxy, and I like your tie.
You believe in the past; I believe in the future.
You cannot run from fate.
Grieving over who we were only gets in the way of who we need to be.
I see the both of you are once again unified in purpose.
You still don’t understand the nature of time.
No one’s making you do anything. You have a choice.
I’m a this and that kind of girl.

Don't forget to tune in tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Syfy for the second season of 12 Monkeys!

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