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12 Monkeys - Primary - Advance Preview

12 Monkeys, “Primary,” was written by Sean Tretta and directed by Magnus Martens. I have to say that the premiere of season two left me a little flat, but this episode really reminded me of why this was one of my favorite new shows last year. It’s fast paced and smart with good acting and directing thrown in for good measure! My only problem with writing these previews is to avoid telling you too much! This isn’t the kind of show that you want to be spoiled for.

There are a rather surprising number of parallel scenes to last year – but of course with a twist. Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Cassie’s (Amanda Schull) reunion is not at all what we might have expected. Cole is pretty shocked at just how changed Cassie is – and he really doesn’t know the half of it! Jennifer (Emily Hampshire) still trusts her Otter Eyes – and is still jealous of Cassie. Cole will also find himself in another hotel room.

Look for lots of time travel in this episode. There will also be a bonfire which will result in some pretty interesting time freaking out. There will be many changes, but one change will go in the wrong direction.

Cole finds out that Jennifer has a surprising connection to the number 607 – and will be surprised by a connection to the number that he has himself. In the last episode Jones (Barbara Sukowa) said something about time shifting around her. In this episode, we will find out what that means – and I love it because it proves how clever this show is!

Ramsey (Kirk Acevedo) has two unhappy reunions. However, do look for a happy surprise return. Cole comes into an inheritance. We learn something interesting about Deacon (Todd Stashwick). Stashwick gives a particularly good performance this week. There is a new couple – and I think they are going to be adorable.

Jones finds hope. Cole tells Cassie about a surprising discovery that he’s made. Jennifer finds her purpose. Have I piqued your interest yet? If not, here are a few lines in random order and not attributed to any speaker. Make of them what you will!

This isn’t who you are.
I had to investigate our own investigation.
I wanted to see how you became you.
It’s the only thing that’s ever made any difference.
Well. That’s going to make it awkward when you come to bed.
Sometimes you have to accept that not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
You’re letting your emotions get in the way.
I need you to trust me.
I can’t stop you. I’m not going to help you either.
You’ve always known more, and you’ve always held back.
Everything and everyone changes…

Don’t miss “Primary” on Monday, April 25 at 9/8c on Syfy.

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