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Zoobiquity - Script Review of FOX's Medical Procedural Pilot

You know, I have not much love and time to give to procedural shows but when they’re good, efficient, I have no problem saying it and enjoy them. I did with Forever, Lucifer and recently Presence (read the preview here). They need to be different to be worth an investment from the audience, especially with this peak TV thing. And Zoobiquity is different. But you can’t do anything. Some ideas should better stay ideas and some books should never be adapted. It makes me think of Zoo, the painful to watch CBS summer show (also adapted from a book). Animals and television never get along well. Remember NBC comedy Animal Practice? Cancelled even before you get to watch it. Most of unscripted shows with animals don’t work either. I don’t know why. So, can Zoobiquity defy the odds? In fact, it’s cool to do an episode of a medical show with animals. Every one of them -the good ones I mean- did it. ER did. Grey’s Anatomy too. Maybe St. Elsewhere. Code Black? Whoops, I said good ones! My point is, you can do it once or twice, for fun, but a whole show based on cases where humans are saved by animals-it can also work the other way around- I don’t buy it. In the pilot, an unknown epidemy is killing both people and animals. Our reluctantly, newly formed team has to tackle this tricky case as quickly as possible since, yeah, people and animals are dying. And they do it brilliantly. I was bored to death after two acts, though.

What is Zoobiquity in a nutshell? A procedural with some deaths but no murders, mostly sick people and sick animals treated by good looking doctors who are supposed to hate each others until they fall in love. Kara Martins (Marsha Thomason), the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, is very smart, tough, agressive, a beauty, the tigress of the jungle; while Lucas Cort (Peter Facinelli) is a compelling, feral, good-looking veterinarian, the alpha wolf of the pack (he takes of his shirt after two minutes in the opening sequence in order to show how strong and manly he is). Of course, they don’t like each other at first, then they sniff each other’s butt and if the show lasts long enough they’ll make wild love sooner or later. Riveting stuff, hum? The actors are good and if they have chemistry, the pair can be attractive enough to sell the whole thing initially. But what’s gonna happen then?