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The Walking Dead - Twice As Far - Advance Preview

   Dear Walker fans, prepare yourself for a great and surprising episode, this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX in the UK, titled "Twice As Far".

   Since the start of the second half of the season, and maybe even since they had arrived at Alexandria, Rick and his group have slowly but definitely changed. Before, hey had been hunted, they were the preys, only attacking to defense themselves, but that has changed.
    Last week, "The Same Boat", and even before with "Not Tomorrow Yet", made it clear Rick and co are now the hunters. They are more aggressive, they had been victimized and they don't want that anymore, so they attack first. They haunt, they trap, they kill, and quite brutally. Maggie and Carol set a bunch of Saviors alive on fire, Rick, Glenn and Daryl stabbed several others Saviors in their sleep… That was brutal, probably necessary for their own survival but it marked a big change in their story. And mostly, it will make Negan’s response to their attacks more understandable and maybe even more brutal. I can’t wait to finally meet him, the real him, since all of them are calling themselves Negan apparently…

   And about the Saviors, from the Hilltop community, and Daryl, Sasha and Abe’s first meeting with them, I really imagined the Saviors would be more badass, more terrifying and threatening.
   They did caught Carol and Maggie but they ended up being all killed by those two badass women. So, I must confess I’ve been a bit disappointed with the Saviors, I thought they were going to be a more real and deadly threat. Well, "Twice As Far" will finally demonstrate that the Saviors can be very dangerous as one member of Rick’s group will die in an unexpected way because of them. didn't see that one coming !
   And here’s a list of what else you can expect from "Twice As Far" :

- "Twice As Far" will focus mainly on two groups, as they will both go outside, looking for different supplies. One group will be more focused on the location itself and the other one on the things they can bring back. But being out there, with walkers and Saviors who can arrive at any time, is dangerous. Even more when there are tensions within the group.
- A character we haven’t seen in a while will be back.
- Someone won’t respect Eugene calling dibs on something.
- Morgan has been working a lot on his project, the cell. And Rick will find out about it.
- "Twice As Far" will depict a sense of routine, habits and normalcy inside Alexandria in a very unique and amazing way. One of the most well directed sequence of the show.
- Romance is definitely a theme explored in the second part of season 6. There will be a new couple inside the walls, a surprising one. And another couple will end things, with a note.
- Someone will give Daryl some driving advice. And he should listen to it. (well, I think, I don’t have a driving license)
- Someone will throw up on something that belongs to him/her. Disgusting.
- Carol will still be shaken up from last week events, smoking and carrying her rosary with her.
- Eugene will show how much he has changed since he first appeared. He’s still weaker than most of the others, but he’s making progress, he's trying. Of course, his main strength is still his brain. And he will have more than one brilliant idea in "Twice As Far".
- One character will make a surprising choice.
- It has been a while since we've not seen Alexandria and most of its residents. Many will be back this week, but some won't be seen. I can't believe I'm missing Carl.
- Two female characters who haven’t spent much time together will have that chance during "Twice As Far", just like last week with Maggie and Carol. I’m thrilled The Walking Dead is finally focusing on its women characters, they’re all so wonderful.
- A walker made me jump my seat literally (while I was watching at work) so be prepared (don't hold your beer/mug in your hand for too long)
- Someone will reveal to have a twin brother, and you’ll never guess what was his name.
- A character will discover a disgusting and tragic scene inside a locked room.
- Two characters will have an honest talk, and that could lead to some very mean comments.

    "Twice As Far" will be another excellent episode of The Walking Dead. This season has been an amazing ride, I’m really enjoying the pace of the show. "Twice As Far" is another must see episode, proving one more time just how great and intense The Walking Dead is.
   Don’t miss "Twice As Far" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. Who do you think will die ? What are you the most excited about this episode ? When Negan is going to show his face ? Can’t wait for Sunday ? So hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which character will say those quotes (each quote is from a different character !) :

1- "Why ?"
2- "You could have died right there"
3- "Okay is what we’re doing ?"
4- "You wanna live, you take chances"
5- "You’ve outlived your usefulness to me"
6- "What was that ?"
7- "Are you seriously that stupid ?"
8- "Keep telling yourself that"
9- "You should have killed him"
10- "Come inside"

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