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The Walking Dead - The Same Boat - Advance Preview

   This Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX in the UK, The Walking Dead will be back, with an all new and exciting episode, titled "The Same Boat".

   "The Same Boat" will pick up right after the events of last week, "Not Tomorrow Yet", as Carol and Maggie were kidnapped by some of the Saviors while Rick and co were busy murdering everyone inside their camp… That was a huge change for The Walking Dead. It was the first time Rick and co went killing people who didn’t attack them (yet), just like they kill walkers. It was probably the best thing to do, to survive but for the first time, Rick and co are arguably the good guys.
   The Saviors are threatening, they own Hilltop but for now, they didn’t do anything to Alexandria. They threatened Daryl, Abe and Sasha but it resulted in their end, so it ended pretty fair. Rick and co decided to go and attack them first, so in their eyes, Rick and co are the bad guys. And this question, are Rick and Co still the good guys, will be asked during "The Same Boat".

   As Carol and Maggie were captured at the end of last week episode, they will both feature prominently in "The Same Boat". It will be a good way to get to know more about the Saviors and Negan. And the Saviors will also be interested in who Carol and Maggie are, where they live and what the hell Rick and them have against them.
   For once, The Walking Dead will focus on its lady characters, and it will be absolutely amazing. Carol and Maggie are both such great and compelling characters. They will both bring something special and different to "The Same Boat", making it an excellent and interesting episode. Maggie will have to face danger while being pregnant, that will be something new for her. She was prepared to the possibility but it has become a fact. And Carol, who is still having a hard time because of all the people she had to kill, will have to deal with the possibility of killing again if she wants to get out of alive.

   Obviously, as Rick and co are holding one of the saviors and the saviors are holding Carol and Maggie, a trade will be asked by one of the groups. But can we really expect a peaceful trade to be made after what just happened ? Not sure…

   And here’s a list of what else you can expect from "The Same Boat" :

- Someone will have a panic attack.
- Morning sickness are never fun when you’re pregnant (that is what I’ve been told), but it might be even worse when you’re being kidnapped. So, yeah, the Saviors will learn about Maggie’s pregnancy. Maggie carrying life inside her will cause a little debate among the Saviors and it could also make her a target. They know where to hit to really hurt her. Don't hurt baby Hershel damn Saviors ! (that's what I'm calling it for now)
- Someone will offer medical help to an injured Savior.
- The group that attacked Daryl, Abe and Sasha will be mentioned, and named.
- Carol will share a cigarette with one of her kidnappers.
- Maggie and Carol will both mentioned someone from their past. A sincere declaration or a way to get sympathy from the Saviors ?
- Someone will unexpectedly turn to religion.
- Last week Michonne wondered if they had killed Negan, another character will ask the same question in "The Same Boat".
- Someone will cough blood… That is never good.
- There will be a revelation about Negan.
- Carol will be afraid of something, for real.
- One of the saviors will share about his/her past, job, family and what happened when the walkers first came. It reminded me of Fear the Walking Dead in some way.
- Carol and Maggie will do a memorable thing. We will never forget that scene.
- One of the saviors introduced will be quite a gifted survivor. She will be particularly smart about what the trade, how, where and when and mostly if it should happen. I really appreciated the way she thinks, it’ll be obvious that how she has managed to survive so long. "The Same Boat" will be a woman focused episode, maybe because it's so rare, but it'll make it an outstanding episode.
- Rick and co will still question how the Saviors got the bike ! Honestly, I don't care how, I’m just glad Daryl got his bike back.

   "The Same Boat" will be another excellent episode of The Walking Dead. This season has been amazing, I’m really enjoying 6A and 6B as much. The pace is different in this second part of the season. In each episodes, the first half is a bit slow, putting things in motion for the second half, that is amazing, moving and epic.
   Don’t miss "The Same Boat" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. Which parts are you the most excited about ? What did you think of Rick’s plan ? Do you think Carol and Maggie will make it out okay or are they gonna stay kidnapped for another episode ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quote game ! Guess which character will say those quotes (some quotes are from the same character !) :

1- "It doesn’t matter what happens to me"
2- "No, walkers do that. I’m choosing something else"
3- "You will die"
4- "Children are our future"
5- "Guys can’t handle pain"
6- "What does that mean ?"
7- "Talk to me"
8- "You good ?"
9- "We have to finish this, we have to"
10- "Do you really believe in that crap ?"

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