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The Walking Dead - Not Tomorrow Yet - Advance Preview

   The Walking Dead will continue its 6th season this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX in the UK with another exciting and captivating episode, titled "Not Tomorrow Yet".

   "Not Tomorrow Yet" will pick up right after the events of last week. A new chapter for Rick and his group has started, they finally met a peaceful and organized community. Even if Gregory, their leader, was a bit of an asshole, he wasn’t a psychopath or a cannibal. It was a nice change to meet regular people, who didn't want to steal, take or murder. They are almost like Rick’s group, except they're weak and they can’t fight but they have crops and animals.

   The other big change (since it’s one of the theme of this season) in last week episode was Rick’s behavior. There’s a new Rick in town, he’s no longer the cold and suspicious leader. He decided to trust Jesus. Even if he was still cautious, he and his group could have walked into a deadly trap. Luckily, Rick was right to trust him and meeting the Hilltop community will change the Alexandrians’ lives forever. As the Hilltop is weak, Negan and his Saviors are taking advantage of them, offering them a sense of protection (not killing them) in exchange for food and medicine. But as their demands are escalating (Gregory’s head…), an obvious deal was made by Rick: he will kill the Saviors in exchange for food, since food has become such an issue for Alexandria over the past weeks.
    It’s a very risk deal that Rick took, and a new kind of risk. Since the show has started, Rick and his group has killed to survive, for their own protection but what Rick is asking is to kill people who didn’t attack them first. The Saviors could attack Alexandria and own it like they do for the Hilltop community, but they haven’t. So, of course Rick’s decision will cause some tensions in  "Not Tomorrow Yet". A character will be opposed to Rick’s point of view, but he might find it hard to get someone else to support his/her idea.

    "Not Tomorrow Yet" will be a different episode, clearly Season 6 B isn’t constructed as Season 6A. It’s no longer a couple of characters by episode, now The Walking Dead huge cast can share more scenes and episodes together. Except from one major character, all the characters will appear in this week episode. And Carol, who has been more discreet those past few weeks, will finally feature prominently in the episode ! Nothing could make me happier, she’s such a rich and complex character.
   We haven't seen much of Carol ever since her altercation with Morgan, and it'll be revealed Morgan and her haven't talked since that incident, but they will finally have a talk in this week episode, in a very meaningful place. It will be clear in  "Not Tomorrow Yet" that Carol has something on her mind. Maybe it's Morgan's philosophy of life that has affected her. She killed a lot and sometimes quite coldly, but she always felt obliged to do it, to protect her group and herself. Or maybe it's something else on her mind.
       And here’s a list of what else you can expect from "Not Tomorrow Yet" :

- The episode will open on a very different and special scene. It might be one the weirdest opening scene ever. For 4 minutes, it felt like it wasn’t The Walking Dead I was watching but a different show. It was fun.
- There will be a very intense and stressful long scene, and there will be blood. You'll be glued to your seats. Anything can happen on the show, that's why it's so good.
- One character will strongly disagree about one of Rick’s choices, and I must say I agree with that character.
- A character will express what Carol represents for the community and he will have all the right words. It'll be quite a touching scene.
- One couple will have a very hard time, while another one will say “I love you” for the first time, but maybe not for the right reasons.
- There will two songs used in  "Not Tomorrow Yet", and they’ll be perfect. It’s so rare to have music on the show, it really gives a meaning when it happens.
- One of the walkers in  "Not Tomorrow Yet" will be particularly disgusting and scary. She kinda reminded me of Corpse Bride.
- Carol will cook some more cookies, but this time there won’t be wolves coming into Alexandria. She will have a special recipe, since Alexandria is low on food now and you’ll be surprised to whom she will give them to.
- Rick will make a powerful speech and it’ll demonstrate how much he has changed.
- Someone will start smoking again. Bad habit ! (but I get it)
- Carol will share a kiss with another survivor ! It’ll be sweet and romantic. She deserves some happy time.
- Father Gabriel will show how much he has changed and he can actually be helpful. And he has a sense of humor !
- Heath will be more present this week and he will have more lines than usual. He's such a good and smart guy. With Denise, they're my two favorite new characters (Sorry Jesus).
- Some characters will make noise, to attract walkers on purpose. It could be dangerous...

   "Not Tomorrow Yet" will be an amazing and breathtaking episode, there will be lot of action and also character developments. As always now, both parts will perfectly balanced, all the different stories about each characters combining with the big action. Clearly, you can’t miss the episode and the end will you leave breathless and worried for next week.
   Don’t miss  "Not Tomorrow Yet" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. Which parts are you the most excited about ? What do you think about Rick’s choice to attack the Saviors first ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quote game ! Guess which character will say those quotes (Each quote is from a different character) :

1- "So you know what you're fighting for"
2- "I can’t, but I want to"
3- "It's still who I was.... I think"
4- "That would be safe…. Safer"
5- "You can do things that just terrify me"
6- "What happened here, we won't let that happen again"
7- "I lied to my girlfriend this morning"
8- "I've been lucky too"
9- "Not telling anyone"
10- "Just put it in your mouth"

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