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The Muppets – Season 1 – Review: Heartfelt Ending

The Muppets’ first season finished its sixteen episodes’ run with the double season finale: ‘Generally Inhospitable’ and ‘Because... Love.’ These latest four episodes try to give a sense of closure to the various storylines, but it’s not always a successful result narrative-wise.

The first part of the season finale deals with Miss Piggy that breaks her ankle during rehearsal. She doesn’t want to admit that she can’t goes on, but she is forced to go to the hospital and Pizza wants her replaced. This first episode focuses on the Pizza’s “demise”: this is the first antagonist of The Muppets’ new formula, but he’s not an interesting addition so far.

This storyline hasn’t been The Muppets’ best so far, the interesting part is still the Kermit/Piggy’s will-the-won’t-they. Generally Inhospitable is a kind of a bridge for the real main theme of this first season’s ending: love. After Miss Piggy’s outburst caused by her new condition, Kermit still tries to help her making her feel comfortable in  her room. He finally realizes that he is still in love with her.  Willie Nelson along with Jack White are the special guest star of the episode. White sings a lovely and romantic Stevie Wonder's song: 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life'.

This will bring to an unexpected turn: a sort of cliffhanger. Their breakup anticipated the beginning of this new The Muppets’ installment and now their possible reconciliation is closing the season. What I didn’t expect was the final moment: we don’t get an answer from Miss Piggy, and we are left hanging. The answer seems quite obvious, but they are trying to keep the audience waiting for the possible season two premiere.

I honestly believe that The Muppets could have been more coherent during these first sixteen episodes. I didn’t love plenty of writing’s choices, and sometimes the show wasn’t entertaining enough. But it has a huge potential, so I will likely watch the next season as well.

The ratings have been falling so much and we can not be sure about the ABC’s show future: we will have to wait and see, if they will be renewed or not.

What do you think about The Muppets' season finale and first season?

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