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Scene Of The Week - March 6, 2016 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, "The Gang Goes to Hell", March 2, 2016, Actors: Rob McElhenney and more, The Scene: Mac comes out
Laura Markus:
In true Always Sunny fashion, this scene was comical and some people don't wish to take it seriously at all. But for the fans who have been waiting tirelessly for 11 seasons for Mac to finally admit who he is, this moment was absolutely golden. The rest of the gang is locked in "boat jail" for their deadly sins, meanwhile all Mac wanted to do was hang out with them. But first, he approached the gay couple on the boat in an attempt to "convert" them. Well, that couple tried reverse psychology, and it must have worked, because five minutes later and Mac goes straight (probably the wrong word to use here) to the boat jail to announce, "Well, I'm gay" in true Mac fashion. Rob played this perfectly well, because it easily could've been extreme in either direction. There was even a split second where he looked straight into the camera. This episode felt like classic Sunny, this scene was the cherry on top, and my only hope is that he doesn't immediately take it back next episode, undoing all of the great development we have seen in this show, and this season especially.

LUCIFER, "Favorite Son", February 29, 2016, Actors: Tom Ellis, Rachael Harris, The Scene: Dr. Linda provokes Lucifer to deal with his daddy issues
Aimee Hicks:
Lucifer is a complicated character with major daddy issues. This scene was a prime example of how much that weighs on him. He acts like a guy who cares about nothing but fun which to him also includes enacting justice on the bad guys of the world yet in truth he has a big heart and cares more than he wants people to realize. He loves his father but also carries a large degree of anger for the position his father forced him into. I think this was a brilliant scene for the way it escalated. It stated off like almost every other Dr. Linda and Lucifer scene and gradually she started to push more and more on his hot spot button. As her statements grew in boldness Lucifer’s anger boiled to the surface until an epic eruption occurred and for a brief moment he lost his control and the being hiding behind the playboy was revealed. When he slammed his fist into the wall it was him releasing an eternity of daddy issues. He wants to be his own being and he wishes nothing more than for his name to not be dragged through the mud. He isn’t a bad guy and to have the world see him as such is the key reason he carries so much anger for his father. This scene worked because of how brilliant Tom Ellis and Rachael Harris are together. They play off of each other with such ease and Rachael has fantastic timing which allowed this scene to flow perfectly.

MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER, "Hollywood Ending", March 1, 2016, Actors: Hayley Atwell, Dominic Cooper and more, The Scene: Everyone works together to close the rift
Justyna K:
I miss the show already... What a fantastic season this has been! I already loved what the series has become in the first season but I feel like the story in this one only got better. Just wish we spent more time with Howard and Angie! As for the finale, seems like the things ended rather quickly in the episode, but I was glad to see Peggy finally getting a second chance at happiness, Ana's safe return home, Jason working for Stark and all those little happy endings. Then there's Jack, whose fate remains unknown but it's good to know at least he chose the good side in the end. Speaking of, I really enjoyed this entire sequence when the team was trying to close the rift. Everyone offering to make the sacrifice for the rest, then realizing Daniel beat them to it and then all of them working together to save Sousa and close the breach. It's never really about just one line or a shot, or an actor but all the things intertwined to make the scene work that cause it to be so memorable. It's the direction, the editing, the music, the actors' performance, the writing and the characters. Jarvis' idea, Howard's machine, Peggy's choice to go after Daniel, everyone else holding on to each other - as the Captain (and Tony) would say - "together" is how they managed to make it work. Also, Howard's inappropriate comments, even in the middle of this rescue, were such a fun addition! I'd love to see more of this wonderfully done show but in case it's a goodbye - thank you to all the cast & crew for their marvelous work on the series. I loved it and will miss it dearly!

SHADES OF BLUE, "Live Wire Act", March 3, 2016, Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Warren Kole and more, The Scene: Harlee and Stahl find out Woz's secret
Laura Markus:
A truly intense episode we had, and it was all coming to a head towards the end. Woz and Donnie have been bickering like an old married couple, and they kick Harlee out of the office for a private conversation. Stahl doesn't like this, so he tells her to get back in there somehow. She uses her FBI bugged necklace so we (they) can see and hear what they're saying and doing. Surprise, surprise, they're talking more about the score, but the conversation goes a different way. Donnie is reminding Woz why they're doing this - they have been secretly together for an entire year; what they did in episode 3 wasn't the first time. Donnie is clearly in love with Woz, and wants him to drop everything once they get the money from the score and live together. We obviously have the right to be apprehensive about this, but he's in love, can you blame him? Just in the scene before this, I think Harlee noticed the sexual tension but wasn't sure what to make of it. When she found out, however, her expressions were PRICELESS. Stahl didn't even know how to react. I'm enjoying this, albeit hostile relationship a great deal, and I only hope it continues to grow and develop.

SUITS, "25th Hour", March 2, 2016, Actors: Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, The Scene: Harvey provokes Mike to fight him
Laura Markus:
For a finale I only enjoyed about 70% of, there were two scenes that were absolutely beautiful and I cannot praise enough. I toyed with going with the ending scene but when Mike and Harvey fight in Harvey's apartment, my jaw was underground. It started off fine, Mike just wanted to drink with Harvey and let him know he wants to marry Rachel before going to prison, but this upset Harvey in more ways than one. He informed Mike that he lied about the jury's verdict; he would've been found not guilty. He lied because the truth "would've broken Mike", and Mike can't believe this. Harvey just wants him to go to Gibbs and take back the deal, but Mike has made his decision. Truly in shambles, Harvey throws his glass and I think it hits the light fixture. He's trying to prepare Mike for what prison might be like, so he urges him to hit him. Mike doesn't want to, so, naturally, Harvey starts going for the jugular. Telling him that he's weak, reminding him of things like Tess' husband, Logan Sanders, Louis' chokehold, and more - Mike finally snaps and really goes for it. The way he says, "Is this what you want? That I hate you, and that you made me do this? I'm gonna lose everything because of you!" was heartbreaking. They even had to get stunt doubles in there because Patrick and Gabriel were so drained. This is the culmination of 5 years of a relationship based on a huge secret. I don't think Mike meant those words, because he would've had nothing to lose if Harvey didn't hire him all those years ago. And during the come down, Mike's crying on the floor, totally wrecked, and Harvey's just sitting there, bleeding like it's no big deal. "At least I know you have it in you." The beginning of the scene felt like No Way Out (3x16) and the end ruined me. These two men have become such a huge part of each other's lives, it really makes you wonder what in the world they are going to do without each other now that Mike is headed to prison. Bravo, Patrick and Gabriel, bravo. You're both the performers of the month for this scene alone.

SUPERGIRL, "Solitude", February 29, 2016, Actors: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, The Scene: Alex tells the truth about Astra's death
Justyna K:
Another great moment with memorable performances by the cast, especially Chyler Leigh, who has become a real scene stealer lately. The one thing that stood out for me the most in the episode is the simple fact that Alex revealed the truth herself. There was no standard plot that involves keeping the secret for too long, only for someone else to expose it, eventually destroying relationships and hurting those it was supposed to protect in the first place. Kudos to the writers for doing the unexpected and breaking this tiresome pattern. The strong bond between these sisters is the show's heart and I would hate for it to be damaged by what happened. Kara got a chance to hear the whole story from Alex, think it through enough to understand the reason why Astra died that day and chose to forgive her sister instead of leaving her behind, letting go of the one she loves most. Alex's heartbreaking confession, that she was afraid to lose her, was beautifully done and written. Also, I really enjoyed the final shot when Kara holds J'onn's hand, to include him in the moment, not angry at their lie but understanding and caring when it comes to them both. These are exactly the scenes where Supergirl excels as the show and the hero of the story. Kudos!
Aimee Hicks: While this show is skilled at emotionally heartbreaking scenes this one is definitely amongst the most extraordinary of the series to date. This was Chyler Leigh’s scene and she delivered the kind of performance that jumped off of the screen and slammed right into every viewer. Throughout the beginning of the scene you can see Alex getting anxious and the moment she started to speak it was obvious nothing was going to stop her. This secret was eating away at her and despite any potential consequences she had to reveal the truth. Chyler brilliantly built up to Alex’s full on emotional breakdown as Alex realized she had no other choice but to reveal the truth to Kara. Carrying that secret was eating away at her and yet the moment she started she knew her news was going to hurt the very person she has fought so hard to protect. When the secret was finally out and Alex confessed her fear of losing Kara you could see the conflict on Kara’s face even as she seemed determined to leave the room and her sister behind. As Alex watched her sister walking away she was barely holding it together and Chyler played this part particularly brilliantly as she showed how much it was going to destroy her if Kara did indeed walk away. Then Kara paused and without a single word Melissa Benoist managed to portray every conflicted emotion Kara was feeling. And then there was this very finely tuned moment where Kara made the decision to forgive her sister and Melissa portrayed that very critical moment with amazing control and determination. Scenes like this are emotionally taxing on the performer tasked with such a grueling scene and it’s the duty of those sharing the scene to support that performer. In this case Melissa and David were amazing in being able to portray what their characters were going through without a single word as they allowed Chyler to dominate the scene. When Kara embraced Alex it felt more like Melissa embracing Chyler and trying to comfort her friend. It was in this moment more than any other where their real life friendship really shone through. This scene was so perfectly done that by watching it I felt like I was intruding in on a very private moment. The emotions were palpable and the whole scene from start to finish was just perfect. This wasn’t just the best scene this week but possibly this whole season.
Donna Chidley: Beautifully played out by all the cast and the raw emotion displayed by Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers who's biggest fear is losing her sister and that it might happen due to her actions.

THE 100, "Thirteen", March 3, 2016, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Neil Sandilands, The Scene: Lexa’s death
Aimee Hicks:
From the very beginning this show has told us it isn’t about relationships. This is a show about the life and death reality of life after the apocalypse. Still, the show has given us some amazingly real relationships that unfortunately tend to end prematurely. We got to experience Finn and Raven, we had the start of Clarke and Finn, and of course we have the power couple of Lincoln and Octavia. Even that last one seems poised for a heartbreaking ending at some point. These are just a few of the many relationships this show has given the fans then ripped away because as much as it sucks that is the reality of life in the time this show exists. So it should really come as no surprise that the show's other great love story between Clarke and Lexa came to a gut wrenching end in this episode. This scene allowed Clarke and Lexa a beautiful goodbye in the most painful way possible. To have this scene follow directly after they consummated their relationship made it hurt that much more to watch. They went from this beautiful moment of connection and pure love to an epic loss. As Clarke realized what happened to Lexa the terror on her face was instantaneous and the acting from Eliza was spot on. Clarke’s goodbye to her true love was delivered with so much purity by Eliza that it made it hard to watch. Still this scene was owned by Alycia Debnam-Carey who took the words given to her and gave the audience a truly powerful goodbye to Lexa. She showed us the pain Lexa was experiencing and yet she also showed us how strong she was even until her final breath. Lexa fought to remain strong because she knew that is what those surrounding her needed to see. Titus needed to know she forgave him so he could do his duty. More importantly though she needed Clarke to see that in those final moments she was at peace and that was largely due to her. Clarke and Lexa shared a love that will not soon depart Clarke’s heart and it was only fitting for her to be the last being Lexa saw and in her final seconds to have Clarke’s lips on hers. She went at peace and I am sure in some way shape or form they will indeed see each other again. This was a painful scene to watch but it was also stunningly shot and beautifully acted. The pain was palpable and the love so strong it burst off the screen. I wish that the show had taken a different route and I wish the fatal injury hadn’t occurred due to friendly fire but in terms of the actual death scene it was a powerful bit of acting from Alycia and Eliza.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "I Would for You", March 4, 2016, Actors: Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, The Scene: Bonnie confronts Damon
Justyna K:
Despite the show's ups and (a lot of) downs, every once in a while I come back to it and watch for while. One of the main reasons I kept returning to the series lately has been the friendship between this duo. Who would have thought (years ago) Bonnie and Damon could become such good friends and the show's biggest strength? I certainly didn't expect that and I'm truly glad it happened as these unlikely partners in crime brought a fresh perspective and life to the series. Which is why I wanted to include their "goodbye" in the article. Both actors are doing a wonderful work this season and Kat Graham's performance in this moment, as Bonnie quietly breaks down, was easily the highlight of the past few episodes. Damon's controversial decision is one thing. But the fact he chose not to say goodbye to those closest to him in person hurt Bonnie surely more than he expected. She already lost Elena, Caroline and Alaric left the town, Tyler's gone most of the time, Stefan's on the run, Jeremy left for good and now she realized she won't ever see her best friend again... And he didn't even really say goodbye. It's all too much for her and I imagine Damon's gonna have to work hard on repairing this broken friendship. Hopefully they'll get better sooner rather than later and I'll be back to see them side by side again.

Justyna JJ Kubica
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