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Rizzoli and Isles - East Meets West - Review 'These boots were made for walking'

Episode 616
Written By Ken Hanes
Directed By Mark Strand

The thrilling shootout at the beginning of this episode had me wondering if this was going to be a full on gang battle with the BPD stuck in the middle but the highlight for me wasn’t the crime story as more the personal stories unfolding very subtly within this episode.

We open as I mentioned with downtown Boston as some sort of western setting as a gun fight in the street takes, place. The intended target gets the better hand even though he is shot and shoots his assailant.

Once again we are back to mornings in Maura’s kitchen. Jane (Angie Harmon) Maura (Sasha Alexander) and Angela(Lorraine Bracco) are talking about Maura looking tired, seems she was up late working on something for her poetry class. Something to take her mind of the events of the kidnapping. (I note this is the only reference to the event and we seem no closer to knowing who). It would also seem Maura has a cold, Yes Mama Rizzoli knows best and Angela gives her a cure Orange peel and Garlic. This is followed by a humorous scene when Maura shoves the orange peel in her ear but then forgets and answers the phone wondering why she can’t hear.

At the crime scene and Korsak (Bruce McGill) does wonder about the smell (I would too). Jane explains as he goes on to tell her about what appears to be a gunfight at the ok corral in Boston.

Back at BPD Jane yells at Maura when she enters the morgue
Maura “Why are you yelling”
Jane “Because you put fruit in your ears “
Maura “The orange peel is gone and my sinus is cleared”
Seriously, yes Jane we are all a little shocked.
The victim was shot in the heart, from what they know seems he was the one shooting first, so it appears to be self-defense. The victim’s prints haven’t turned up anything. Maura hasn’t found anything distinctive on his clothing but did find a piece of plastic and metal in his boot sole. She is sending this for further tests.
Frankie arrives (Jordan Bridges) seems Nina pulled an image from a nearby secretly camera and someone recognized the other shooter and said he lives with his mother.

At the apartment the door is opened by a very feisty woman, Katrine, who appears to be running a massage parlor in her apartment. She tells them she hasn’t got a son and doesn’t know the boy in the picture. Korsak doesn’t like it when she proceeds to slam the door in their faces.

No surprises Jane says she liked her and back at BPD Nina has done a background check on her. Seems she has a criminal record but nothing in the last 13 years. Maura has something and Jane is called back down to the morgue. Frankie waits to hear back from the Gang unit about the alleged victim.

Maura has found radiation from a nodule she found in the man, seems he was from Latvia. Kent and Maura tracked down a radiation accident in a certain region. Jane is rolling her eyes at all the techno speak but in conclusion, it seems he was probably from Baldone, Latvia. As Jane leaves once again Kent proves how smooth he is with the ladies telling them how awful they look. Seems Maura is still suffering the effects of her cold.

Frankie has some luck at the gang unit it seems the shooter is known from the Quinn street boys gang goes by the nickname little Nicky. Seems he had a falling out with the gang.

Frankie briefs the others, Korsak has learned from Interpol their victim is a Latvian hit man. Nina has discovered Katrine had a sister who died and had a son named Nicholas. Korsak says if they pull back the officers they have placed outside her apartment her nephew may return.

Jane and Korsak are on a stakeout the outside and Frankie is looking for an Apartment to watch the alley but knocking on one door Frankie is pleasantly surprised by the woman how lets him in. Korsak and Jane are talking and she really doesn’t want him to retire but seems Korsak is considering it. He tells her a story about some frat boys going back to the Animal House (another nod to him in the film of that name where he played Dee day).
Jane calls Maura who is waiting for some more tests on the scrap found in the victim’s boots. Kent is wrapping her in loads of blankets in order to sweat out her cold. Maura can’t seem to figure out what to write for her poetry.

Frankie is watching the window and seems to be having his own From here to eternity moment with the apartment owner though I don’t think he does look like Montgomery Clift.

Maura is dreaming about boots; everyone has on very chunky and ugly ones much to her horror so does she but Jane is badgering her and upon waking Maura may have the answer.

Seems Jane and Korsak just pulled an all-nighter. Jane checks on how Maura is doing. She tells her about the retiring conversation with Korsak. You can tell the touch of sadness in the conversation and wonder if the cast had an idea the series may be coming to a close soon. Maura and Jane though will always be with each other according to Maura.
Their conversation is cut short with Katrine leaving the apartment. They lose her but found out her credit card was used at an atm. They know Nicky was shot and opposite the atm machine is an emergency walk-in centre and they find Nicky sat in there.

Maura dream was fruitful and after an autopsy on a boot, she finds an oily substance under the sole.

Nicky is being interrogated by Korsak and seems about to co-operate but his Lawyer shows up and he clams up.

Jane appeals to his Aunt Katrine and learns she didn’t send a lawyer. On return to the station, Nicky has made bail but thanks to the substance found in the boot Jane tracks down his location to a junk yard and saves Nicky in the nick of time.

Back at Maura’s and under Kent’s guidance Maura has finished her poem in which she describes aspects of her friends. Her poem about Jane shows once again why this is the best womance on TV.

Despite the Mob story which for me just didn’t hold my attention the real story, this week was the relationships. Frankie seems to have a blossoming romance and returns to the apartment to ask the lady out. Korsak is contemplating his future and Jane and Maura after everything they have been through will always be there for each other. As we lead into the last two episodes of this season we are still no wiser who was behind taunting Jane and Maura’s kidnap.

What did you think of this episode?

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