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Quote of the Week - February 28th through March 5th, 2016

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 -
1. Indra: "You see, even someone as slow and weak as you can put me on my back. I should have died on that field." Octavia: "We all die. You can either do that here feeling sorry for yourself or you come back with me and get your revenge. The choice is yours."
2. Lexa: "You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than surviving."
3. Titus: "My faith has got nothing to do with yours." Murphy: "Trust me. I have no faith."
4. Octavia: "If you're not there, you're not the person I thought you were."
5. Commander: "Becca, you already have the blood of billions on your hands. Is it worth risking the rest of us just to prove you're right?"

Agent Carter -
1. Stark: "You kids are so cute. I bet you crammed for your finals and everything." Carter: "What are you shuttering about?" Stark: "The answer's right in front of you. How do the most successful scientists achieve greatness?" Jarvis: "Given your history, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and cavorting with loose women."
2. Sousa: "So she's a real crazy." Carter: "She's a genius." Sousa: "Can you decipher it?" Carter: "I don't speak megalomaniac. Fortunately Howard Stark does."
3. Stark: "What am I doing wrong, Jarvis?" Jarvis: "Sir, we are standing before an incomprehensible rip in the fabric of our world. Use a 7 iron."
4. Stark: "Jarvis, you just hit a woman with my car." Jarvis: "I know, sir." Stark: "She's a two-time Oscar nominee." Jarvis: "Miss Frost is quite resilient. She's fine. Trust me."

Castle - 
1. Kate: "Why don't we just say goodbye to Mr. Curser."
2. Castle: "I need you! I'm Sherlock without Watson!" Kate: "No, you probably mean Watson without your Sherlock, because  after all, my darling, you're the writer."

3. Rick: "While I do love kissing you, Beckett, it's just a little creepy when you do it in front of a dead body."

House of Cards - 

1. Frank: "We don't submit to terror. We make the terror."

How to Get Away with Murder -
1. Oliver: "There was an opt-out option for this little slumber party." Connor: "Nope, because I didn't feel like letting you get murdered tonight."
2. Bonnie: "Let's not talk about them tonight, okay? We had lives before them." Frank: "Way better lives." Bonnie: "Right." Frank: "Okay maybe not way better but…" Bonnie: "We were covered in blood at least. To the end." Frank: "To the end."
3. Annalise: "Everything in that house turned into fruit of the poisonous tree the second your officers entered it illegally so you've got 2 options. Either I sue your a** for abuse of authority or you give me immunity and get the evidence you want from this computer."
4. Eve: "I'm out on a limb here too, Annalise." Annalise: "Exactly, that's why the less you know the better." Eve: "Right. That should be your motto."

Major Crimes -
1. Sharon: "If you go over to county, maybe they will be processing your mother during visiting hours." Rusty: "You're my mom." Sharon: "I am. Oh, I am."
2. Provenza: "What are you worried about?" Taylor: "That I might be struck by lightning. You smell like brimstone." Provenza: "That's my cologne."
3. Mark: "When are you guys gonna stop hating me and start hating the bad guys?" Andy: "You are the bad guys."

The Shannara Chronicles -
1. Wil: "Allanon, perfect timing as usual." Allanon: "I wish I could say the same for you, but the idea was to get here before the demons arrived." Wil: "See. Told you he'd be happy to see us."
2. Allanon: "Only a king knows the weight of a crown. Thirty years ago I stood on a very similar circumstances beside your father." Andon: "Did you have any words of inspiration for him?" Allanon: "Don't fail."
3. Wil: "Alright, where's the seed?" Amberle: "I tried to tell you earlier." Wil: "Oh please don't say you dropped it. I can't take that right now."
4. Andon: "I'm sorry it took the end of the world for me to realize what a fool I've been."
5. Wil: "For what it's worth, I'm grateful to you for showing me who I am. I'm sure we'll meet again one day." Allanon: "I sense that our journey has just begun. The Dagda Mor may be gone but his presence has stirred other evils." Wil: "Then let them come but there's something I've got to do first." Allanon: "You're going to Safe Hold. You don't know whether the Rover girl was alive or dead." Wil: "The mind reading thing, still very annoying. I promised Eretria I'd go back. I'm not going to lose her too."

SuperGirl -  
1. Cat Grant: "My massage therapist spent the entire session talking about how her surrogate has celiac disease and my pilates instructor just informed me he is quitting to open an artisanal yarn store in Vermont. So which one of you hardy souls is going to give me a reason to go on living?"
2. Supergirl: "Hey, no one likes a back seat flyer, okay?"
3. James: "You okay?" Supergirl: "Yeah, my heart is still racing from chasing after a zig-zagging missile, kinda feel like Harry Potter playing quidditch."

Teen Wolf -
1. Stiles (after being woken up from a nap): "What? What happened? Who's dead?"
2. Stiles: "Still nothing from Scott and Liam." Lydia: "Are we sure this is a good idea?" Stiles: "Uh…no, no one thinks this is a good idea." Sheriff: "But you're trusting Theo anyway?" Stiles: "We're not trusting him. We're using him." Lydia: "What if he's using us?" Stiles: "Yeah well, that's probably a given."
3. Theo: "We all want the same thing. We want Mason back." Scott: "Yeah but the difference is that we want him back alive." Theo: "Well I'm open to compromise."
4. Malia: "You know how my mother wants to kill me. I think she might want to kill you too." Stiles: "Okay…uh, that's disconcerting. I should probably have a gun." Braeden: "I'm not giving you a gun." Stiles: "You have a gun. The Desert Wolf who is trying to kill me has a gun. I think I should probably have a gun. (Braeden tosses him a gun and he drops it.) I probably shouldn't have a gun."
5. HistoryDad: "As your father I'm obliged to warn you, this is dangerous." Kira: "As my father, I was hoping you wouldn't tell my mother." HistoryDad: "That's dangerous too."
6. Lydia: "Anything on your end?" Malia: "Not a thing and I'm going to lose my mind if I don't get out of this supernatural cage." Lydia: "The mountain ash is there to keep you safe." Malia: "I should be keeping Stiles safe."
7. Parrish: "I’m a hell hound. I have the word hell in my name. Hell."

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