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Once Upon a Time - Season 5|6 - Hank Harris & Sam Witwer to Recur

Hank Harris (The Man in the High Castle) and Being Human alum Sam Witwer have signed on for recurring roles in ABC’s hit drama series Once Upon A Time.

Harris will play Nathaniel, a meek and troubled patient at a mental institution who finds himself trapped under the thumb of its evil and overbearing warden, Jacob (Witwer), who takes pleasure in tormenting his most disturbed and helpless patients.

Once Upon a Time tells the story of a new world where fairy-tale legends and modern life collide. Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is comfortable in her life as a bail bonds collector when Henry — the child she gave up a decade earlier — suddenly shows up, convinced that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who sent her away before the Evil Queen could cast a spell, freezing the fairytale world in time and bringing them to present-day Storybrooke, Maine. After taking Henry home, Emma decides to stay in the town to keep an eye on him, and she discovers he may not be wrong after all.

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