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New Girl - Episode 5.9 - Review: "Heat Wave"

New Girl - Episode 5.9 - Review: "Heat Wave"

On this episode of New Girl, a heat wave strikes Los Angeles leaving the gang reeling from the pain of not having an air conditioning unit anywhere in sight. Low and behold, Reagan shows up to save the day with a brand new AC unit for her bedroom, but to Nick's dismay as he had built the most ridiculous and elaborate air/fan conditioning chair ever. I thought tonight's episode was perfect for Reagan and Nick, but overdone with the Cece and Schmidt arc. I mean, how many episodes are they going to focus on trying to make Cece mad at Schmidt or vice versa before Zooey Deschanel comes back to save the day and we proceed to the wedding? I do also hope that both Deschanel and Fox cross paths at least once before her arc is complete.

After Reagan accused Nick of harboring feelings for her and their feud over the breaker box, the power blows and Winston, Schmidt, and Cece kick Nick and Reagan into the basement to solve the problem and maybe solve their drama. I thought it was a sweet moment between the two with Nick also confronting Reagan for her desired affections. The bit with the rat leaping onto Nick's face was perfect as was the Segway to all of the building's power going out and the crazy homeless guy (whose name I cannot remember) declares "that it has begun" while swinging a baseball bat. Perfect.

At this point, I can't honestly tell you why Cece was mad at Schmidt. I completely zoned out because it just seemed like a bogus, contrived reason to make them mad at each other when you knew in the end, they'd come running back to each other. I loved Winston using his police flashlight to flag the ice cream man down to help the gang out. And finally, the crux of the episode was the will they, won't they drama between Reagan and Nick. I'm happy to say they did not disappoint. Reagan kissing Nick opens up a whole can of worms that I'm excited to see what happens next. I just hope next week isn't the end of her arc and ends with them sleeping together only to leave immediately after. That would be a complete bummer. Comment below with your thoughts on the episode and tune into New Girl Tuesday's at 8/7 central.

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