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Grimm - Key Move + Into the Schwarzwald - Review

Here's what happens in Grimm Key Move: Newly gained artifacts take Nick and Monroe closer to the source of a long-gestating mystery. Elsewhere, Black Claw makes a deadly move that will send Portland into disarray.

The episode starts right where we left. The Scooby Gang is still trying to figure it out which town they're headed. Trubel suggests to look into the churches around the Black Forest, and also Nick remembers how his mother told him about the seven knights. It may be a dangerous trip tho. After Rosalee has kissed goodbye to Monroe, Adalind gives Nick a special bye bye.
She confesses her feelings for him - and man, finally they sleep together. Aw! While Adalind is all love-love, Nick doesn't exactly know how he feels about her. As Monroe asks if this time something has changed, the Grimm must confess: the first time he sleeps with her, he thought she was Juliette, the second time, it was Juliette in Adalind's body. This time, it was the mother of his child. Makes sense to you? 

Meanwhile, Sean Renard stays in Portland, as he's busy with the campain. Hank and Wu are investigating a murder case but find themselves going to find out who shot to dead candidate Dixon.

In the series 100th episode, Into the Schwarzwald, Nick and Monroe find a treasure in Germany that has been hidden for centuries. Back in Portland, Capt. Renard joins Hank and Wu to track down a deadly assassin who has thrown Portland into havoc. Little do they know that Eve is on a hunt of her own for the same man. Meanwhile, someone from Rosalee's past tracks her down. This is the series 100th episode!

"What's past is prologue". After falling down into a sort of catacomb, Nick and Monroe find a real treasure down there. Skulls and bones may be the door for a church or something else? According to Monroe, they are in the same point as written in the map. So what's missing? The solution is turning off the lights and in fact 7 skulls indicate the "X" they were looking for: a "G" for Grimm. Inside the wall there is a box but they don't have time to open it because the must run away from someone looking for them.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Hank and Hu are investigate on  the murder of Dixon with Captain Renanrd. Black Claw might be behind the shooting and Eve makes sure Marwan (the killer) gets what he deserves (an injury) and grabs his phone so that Meisner can track him down. Anyway, as Marwan feels better and escapes from the hospital, Hank, Wu and Renanrd come after him to make him pay, but the Captain kills the wrong man. Later, Sean watch the surveillance camera and discovers that Rachel was the one behind the assassination and she is from Black Claw. She and Lucien want Renanrd as next candidate and treat him like a hero. What?!

Rosalee receives a visit from her past: remember the man who tried to contact her in the previous episodes? Well his name is Tony and he's really angry because he needs money. After he attacks Rosalee, Adalind comes to rescue and apparently her Hexenbeist powers are back! I guess a little bit we might see this coming, right? It couldn't be all perfect. Also bad news: there is no way to reverse a Hexenbeist. This is an important moment for both of the two women as they share some memories for their past: Rosalee and her reckless past with Tony, Adalind and her nerd study, willing to show her mom she was worthy.

Back home, Nick and Monroe gather the Scoobies to open the box all together with the keys. But it doesn't work. Monroe suggests the real key must be Nick's blood and... surprise! It opens! What's inside leave them WTF: a stake. Buffy, is that you? Soon the gang finds out the magic power hidden in this piece of old wood. In the Black Forest, Monroe was attacked and bitten. Now his arm is getting worse, he's in septicemia. Casually, Nick puts the stake on it and it starts healing. Funny how Wu is always looking for an explanation, but this time the answer comes fast: the stake can cure Wesens.

Did you like this 100the episode? Do you think Adalind and Rosalee's secrets may cause troubles in their respective relationships with Nick and Monroe?
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