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Grey's Anatomy - All Eyez On Me - Review

I have a confession to make. I actually forgot that I watched this episode. Or at least I remember watching it but discovered when I came to write this review that the actual episode itself was eminently forgettable.

With the possible exception of the hot angry Major. He was definitely UNforgettable.

All Eyez On Me, written by Austin Guzman, directed by Charlotte Brandstrom was not a bad episode. It contained all the dynamite to make it work - epic and multiple medical stories, bad ass surgeons, copious flirting, compromised ethics, even a grumpy Meredith (which is always a winner) - but the finished article exploded like a damp squib. Being directly in the centre of the season perhaps a limp filler was to be expected but on paper the episode promised more than it delivered.

Callie is leading an immense surgery. She takes a man with two legs and creates a man with one CENTRAL leg! This storyline should’ve left me breathless, exhausted from the emotional energy of will they won’t they succeed and will he won’t he die. Instead I was eager to move on to something else in the story and enjoyed the banter around them more than the central messages within.

The drama simply didn’t happen despite a massive open goal in which to shoot. Callie’s surgery - her crisis in surgery - spectacularly missed an opportunity to bring in Jo. While I maybe a critic of this character I don’t want to see failure - the writers missed the chance to create a great ortho story around Jo with Torres. Why was it Meredith who came out and gave the pep talk? Given the ongoing theme of the episode of hierarchy, favouritism and power, a much more powerful
arc could’ve been created with Jo confronting and challenging Callie to create a solution. Better still, this could’ve been in front of Meredith - when there’s clearly tension between Jo and Meredith. Instead Jo was back in high school. She was largely absent from the surgery she was chosen especially for. Her presence unnecessary except to provide comic relief to flirtatious events. I’m not going to pretend that I’m objective about this character, but it does feel like Jo Wilson is not a long term plan. The problem is she probably IS a long term plan that’s being woefully executed. Every week is the same, to the point where I feel sorry for Camilla Luddington (well obviously no I don't, she’s well paid to deliver a smile and a whine). Callie’s surgery did provide me with one of my most favourite scenes of the season so far; Bailey and her prayer circle….

“Callie how long do we stand here doing this…you pray and stuff, I mean, what’s she looking for, some kind of sign or something?”

I kept rewinding just to watch a wonderful Jackson moment - repeatedly peeking through closed eyes.

The squirrels were, just that, squirrels - rather boring; perking up when they saw the angry Major poking his nose into their nuts. Speaking of….it looks like the angry Major will provide some transitional romance for Meredith, though he’s a surgeon so actually he’s ripe for a regular spot if one comes up!

Back at the ranch drama unfolds in the ER as a squabbling and bitchy cheerleading squad beat down the doctors who, in parallel, are doing their own high school bitching. It was a sober reminder that we call can slip into immaturity if we’re not careful. The most interesting insight for me came in the form of a rather watchable Stephanie. I find myself enjoying Stephanie far more than previously and the chemistry between Penny and Stephanie is more fluid and natural than between Stephanie and Jo. I know…I shall be accused of more Jo bashing but tis how I feel. Of all the intern/resident types Stephanie and Penny, irrespective of the latter’s relationship with Callie, deserve more space in the show than all the others. Both characters have been allowed to embed themselves into the show independent of other relationships. Yes of course Penny is dating Callie but this is not a central story (yet). Her story is about Meredith and Derek and it’s centred around her professional life. This non-romantic introduction above all else is what allows characters to get some purchase on the show.

“We see you everyday. We’re used to all that.”

We had some obvious themes - flirting and the balance of power, be that military or favouritism, high school or hospital. There were many parallels on screen which were too obvious and in my face:
Jackson and the female army surgeon mutually flirting.
Meredith and the angry Major mutually and angrily flirting.
Maggie and Andrew hiding their romance while Alex explicitly explains Maggie’s high school behaviour to her.
Penny and Stephanie arguing like the cheerleaders before Stephanie steps up and teaches Alex a lesson.
And finally we get to Ben, beating his own chest as he ripped open a patient’s. His immature bravado contrasting heavily with his medical experience and more obviously his age compared to the younger residents.

The character who felt most at home this week however was Bailey. It’s now hard to imagine a moment when Bailey wasn’t the chief, she’s slipped into the role so seamlessly. While I long for Chandra Wilson performances like Season Six finale (shooting) I can say that finally I’m enjoying watching the real Bailey again; feisty, authoritative, uncompromising.

All Eyes On Me will drift out of my mind the moment I press post on this review. While the writing wasn’t bad the episode as a whole felt flat and anti-climactic helped along slightly with some cute funny moments which lifted it up. I guess it’s too much to hope that every episode will have the punch of Meredith being beaten up or Jackson and April divorcing but I sure do hope this slump is only one episode long.

To quote Arizona, “That was hard to watch”

About the Author - Brouhaha
Maxine (aka Brouhaha) is a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and writes episode reviews and occasional articles. Her other TV favourites include Foyle's War, Criminal Minds, Bones, TBBT, Broadchurch, Catastrophe and despite her better judgement Madam Secretary. In real life she's a mum, self-employed and can often be found arguing about politics or current affairs, attempting to write fiction and buying hair products. Got a question - go to Tumblr ask!
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