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Dream Team - Pilot Script Review

Thanks to Pilot Watcher for the heads up.

Dream Team wants to be the Modern Family of sports and mostly is. It’s a mockumentary-style comedy, filmed as such, with interview scenes and weird looks at the camera. And it’s not really about sports, which is a good thing obviously. Co-creator Bill Wrubel was one of Modern Family‘s top writers and producers for the first five seasons. He knows what he is doing. Kari Lizer is a soccer mom on the weekends. She knows the story she’s telling. And both already worked together on one of the best sitcoms of the 2000s: Will & Grace. All of this means one thing: it was meant to be at least good, possibly great. And it is good on paper. With the potential to become great once filmed. The cast looks pretty solid. Justin Long & Wanda Sykes are the perfect choices for their respective roles. Dunno much about the others, but if the group has chemistry: bingo!

So no, it’s not really about sports. It’s about families who have no other choice but to spend time together while their brilliant children are touching the ball. And that’s where I have a tiny problem with Dream Team. What makes most of ABC comedies so good and successful is the importance given to the children characters and the talent of their portrayers. But here, at least in the pilot, we don’t see much of them. We meet them and then they do their things without us, off camera. But I’m not really worried. If it’s ordered to series they will have to use the kids to fuel the stories. They are the reasons why the parents are here. Without the kids, there is no show. The one other character the show can’t do without is, of course, coach Marty Schumacher (Justin Long). He’s a funny and charming little guy, slightly nerdy, way too confident sometimes but really appealing. He’s a bit of a loser in the pilot but the loser who keeps on believing instead of whining. I really like him. You probably will.

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