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Disqus and SpoilerTV - AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Hey All,

As you know commenting and community feature very highly here at SpoilerTV. As a result the comments platform we use is VERY important to us and is why we use Disqus as our commenting solution.

We've been with Disqus pretty much since day 1.

Disqus have kindly agreed to run an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about their commenting platform.

Is Disqus perfect? No, of course not. Is it the best solution on the market? Yes, IMHO.

However this is your chance to ask the Disqus product team anything you like? You can ask them about product features, suggestions for improvements, any issues you have etc etc

Who is participating?

Tony Hue
Talton Figgins
Daniel Matteson - Product Support
Daniel Ha - CEO

What’s it for and why should I care
This is your chance to interact directly with the Disqus product team and with myself, the SpoilerTV owner about the comments and community here at SpoilerTV.

- Ask us any questions about Disqus. They want to better understand and connect with the SpoilerTV community because they see us as one of the best communities using Disqus.
- What do you like/don't like about Disqus
- How can the commenting experience improved for you and the SpoilerTV community?
- Using Disqus on Mobile/Tablets
- Etc etc

When is it happening?
The AMA will be be held here at SpoilerTV on Tuesday 29th March at 20:30.

The AMA will last around 2 hours.

We've opened up the thread an 1 hour before the AMA starts we will post a new article here on the site so that you can start to post your questions in the comments of that thread. The Disqus Team will then answer your questions.

We hope you enjoy this chance to ask Disqus anything.

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