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Cruel Intentions - Script Review of NBC'S Cruel Intentions Pilot

Thanks to Nick for the heads up.

The idea of this sequel came from Roger Kumble himself, as well as Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross who wrote The Unauthorized Musical Parody Of Cruel Intentions, whose staging at Los Angeles’ Rockwell Table & Stage in May 2015 generated some buzz and drew Reese Witherspoon, Gellar and co-star Selma Blair, who all attended. The new writers loved the movie, it really shows when you read the script. They tried their best to stay true to the characters, especially to Kathryn Mertueil and Annette Hargrove since they’re coming back, and true to the vibes the movie sent. And they did a great job in my opinion. There’s not a moment when you think “Oh, Kathryn would have never done that!”. They make several allusions to the past, with scenes that mirrors what happened 15 years ago but with the new generation -especially one where Bash leaves Kansas in his car with the diary of his late father on the passenger seat, while the iconic Bittersweet Symphony starts to unfold. But they’re not telling the same story all over again. They update it and move forward.

You got “the parents”, still at war despite appearances, with Kathryn still holding a grudge against Annette who ruined her reputation and made her life a living hell for quite some time. She’s still savory and totally insane, now living with a rich man she’s not in love with anymore but who’s too precious to lose in her great scheme of things. And rest assured, she still got the best lines. Sarah Michelle Gellar can only thrive on this. Some might think it’s sad for her, a step back in her career but let’s be honest: refusing to reprise the role would have been a mistake, whatever happens next. Annette is more or less the same nice gal. But she’s not played by Reese Witherspoon anymore and of course that’s a real concern. We will have to get past this, as hard it is. We can only hope this part of the show will be taken care of as well as in The OC, equally.


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