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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - The Harmful One - Review

A new Criminal Minds team is in town! Back in April of last year, Criminal Minds fans were introduced to a backdoor pilot of the hit CBS show Criminal Minds titled ‘Beyond Border’. The concept was that an elite team of FBI agents, dubbed International Response Team (IRT),  would solve cases involving Americans while on vacation on international soil. It was a hit because, soon after, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was launched.

The team consists of CSI:NY alum Gary Sinise, who stars as Supervisory Special Agent and International Unit Chief Jack Garrett. Law & Order alum Alana De La Garza stars as Supervisory Special Agent Clara Seger. Daniel Henney stars as Special Operations Agent Matthew “Matt” Simmons. Tyler James Williams stars as technical analyst Russ “Monty” Montgomery. Annie Funke stars as medical examiner Dr. Mae Jarvis.

You would think volunteering in a foreign country would be fun. For two volunteers (Sarah Harris and Laura Johnson), never in their wildest dreams did they think they would be kidnapped. 

The IRT has one of the most technologically advanced jets. Equipped with a hangar for cars and an office with monitors and computers, I’m seriously having a hard time not being jealous. The BAU team doesn’t even have a hangar for cars! It’s totally #JetGoals.

Due to the upcoming typhoon, the International Response Team had to race against the clock to find the two missing teens. The team invites Supervisory Special Agent Clara Seger to assist. It could just be me, but I'm definitely seeing some chemistry between Seger and Garrett. 

Seger and Garrett decipher that Jeff Little may have singled out the two volunteers. Seger’s impressive language skills help break many barriers. She’s able to get valuable information from the farmer that Laura and Sarah worked with, telling Garret that Jeff spent more time with Laura than Sarah. All suspicion is pointed toward Jeff being the UnSub. However, that idea is soon shot down when his body is found. 

Thai culture prevented the authorities from properly co-operating with medical examiner Dr. Mae Jarvis. Under the dire circumstances, Mae sneaks into the room where Jeff’s body was being held and was able to find a branding on Jeff’s neck. The team are able to decipher that their UnSub was hunting the two girls like prey. With the typhoon becoming more turbulent and Laura injured, the hunt was on.

Under the calming words from Seger, the IRT are able to save the two young women. It’s a good ending toward a situation that could have ended terribly.

However, it would seem like the relationship between Seger and Garrett is deeper than what it seems. I know it’s just the first episode but there’s definitely a backstory to these two characters, and I’m really looking forward to the show delving deeper into that.

Five years ago, Criminal Minds fans will recall a spin-off series called Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour. However, the show was cancelled after a 13-episode run due to low ratings. However, I see great potential in this Beyond Borders chapter. The new instalment in the Criminal Minds franchise is different and very unique, which sets it apart from most criminal procedural shows. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have been (and still am currently) a long-time fan of the mothership show. But, I think I may have found my new favourite show. I dare say that it’s one of the most unique and intriguing shows I’ve seen this year. Beyond Borders has a great new concept. I’m absolutely loving the chemistry between the whole team (like, it’s #SquadGoals). It is also awesome seeing Gary Sinise on my TV again. I was a huge fan of CSI:NY and watched it religiously every week back when it was still on the air. I am super excited to see what directions Beyond Borders will take and the destinations that they’ll visit. The uber-talented cast is just a plus, really.

Criminal Thoughts:
-Did Jack ever end up getting that coffee with Rossi?
-Will Mae ever get to drive that motorcycle?

What was your reaction to this episode? Did you enjoy it? Whom is the mystery man that Garret and Seger were talking about? A former partner/friend/brother?

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders airs every Wednesday on CBS at 10pm E.T.

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