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Black Sails - XXV - Advance Preview

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Black Sails continues this upcoming Saturday with another outstanding and captivating episode that left me with my jaw firmly on the ground. Two of the biggest players meet for the first time to negotiate a way out of this war that is intended to happen but both can't agree on the terms given by the other and a gathering is called upon to put a plan to work to rescue a needed and welcomed ally.

Jack was placed under arrest last episode and is now being used as a bargaining chip to ploy the Spanish into negotiating. Jack has made many foolish decisions but the pirates know that he is one asset they can't afford to lose. Should Jack give in and choose to cooperate it would boost Rodgers plan to subdue the island and all pirates who set foot on it. If he gains Rackham the rest might just give in and join the new regime, but are things that simple?

Max and Anne come face to face for the first time since ending their relationship with each-other but their conversation is short lived when one of them tells the other something they didn't want to and couldn't hear. Max is a player and is a selfish one at that, and though she seems to be wanting to help Anne and Jack, this episode you will find out where her true loyalties lye.

Flint constructs a plan to make his return from the dead memorable and fearsome but not all are on-board with his plan. John Silver is the one Flint tasks with delivering a message and that will allow Silver to become the name of legend. Over the course of three seasons, he has slowly been building up to the pirate that everybody fears. This episode he will have one scene that will live up to that in a terrifying and chilling moment. Silver is a changed man, and whilst he still struggles with the things he does he is becoming a more complex and fearless pirate.

Elsewhere, Eleanor proposes to Rodgers an alternative option when talk of a key players return threatens to unsettle the streets of Nassau. Eleanor is Rodgers' most valued asset and he will make sure he doesn't let her slip away. One character faces a morally hard decision when they have to choose between what they want and what's better for the greater good and someone you thought you'd never see again makes a shocking and unexpected return.

A lot more happens, but that's all I'm going to give you as I don't watch to spoil anything, but below are a few dialogue teasers for you all!

"I understand what you are going through. Please understand I am here for his sake"

"The odds will never be better than they are right now in this moment, for that I am most certain"

"We're all villains in Nassau. Don't think because you're new that you are any different."

"Any man still on that island made a choice to desert the black"

"They learned of the cash, they demanded the governor recover and return it. And they made clear failure to do so will result in the end of Nassau"

As always, thank you for reading. Don't forget to tune in this Saturday for the seventh episode of Black Sails!

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