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Bitten - Right Behind You - Review

Bitten “Right Behind You” was written by Wil Zmak and directed by James Dunnison. This was another tense episode as events threaten to tear the pack apart from both within and without. I’m very much enjoying having the focus squarely back on the pack this season.

The episode opens with Jeremy (Greg Bryk) picking up a few items at the hardware store – it’s hilarious as everything he gets is suspicious! The best shot is a really nice shout out to the now infamous shot from the season one finale, when Jeremy spots – and then buys – a nice new ax! Perfect.

There are a couple of shout outs to the first season in the episode. We also see the return of Fiona Highet as Sheriff Karen Morgan – though we discover – along with Jeremy – that she is no longer Sheriff. She simply decided that she wanted a quieter life and retired from the force. I loved their brief, but very flirty, exchange. I would love to see these two actually have a date!

However, Karen does notice what Jeremy has bought. Later in the episode she breaks up an altercation in town between a local and a Russian who tells her that he’s staying at Stone Haven. You can take the girl out of the Sheriff but can you take the Sheriff out of the girl??

Jeremy and Clay (Greyston Holt) dispose of the bodies. They cut them up, sink the parts in cement, and then throw the cement into the river. This doesn’t seem like a great plan to me because if the water dries up, there are the bodies – still encased in the cement… Somehow burning the bodies regardless of the smoke seems like a better idea. As they work, Jeremy tells Clay about Sasha (John Ralston). He’s going to put Elena (Laura Vandervoort) on tracking him even though Jeremy’s a bit concerned about her. Clay says she’s just adjusting to the new pack and the new members and she doesn’t like Roman (Daniel Kash).

Clay has found a house for he and Elena and takes her to see it. It’s in a 1,000 acre nature preserve – perfect for them to run in. Elena wants to know if Jeremy knows about the house and if he’s ok with them leaving Stone Haven. Clay says that the only time he’s lied or kept something from Jeremy was that morning when he lied about Sasha. Clay isn’t happy about it.

Elena is worried about how Jeremy will react. She asks Clay what he felt when they met. He tells her that he was drawn to her, and she says that she felt it too. She wonders if it was because her father was a werewolf too. Clay insists that all that matters is that they found each other.

Meanwhile, Nick (Steve Lund) has determined that there are a large number of Russians arriving. And we get yet another treat from season one – and two for that matter – with the return of Karl Marsten (Pascal Langdale)! I have to admit that I’d really like Landgale and Noah Danby (Cain) to be upped to regular status – love both these characters. Karl provides Nick and Jeremy with intel from his own time in Russia.

Karl tells them that Roman rules through fear, but he also has a number of district leaders that rule under him. They rule by offering a lot of money, but recently the briefcases of money are rumored not to be quite so full. Roman is the stick and his leaders are the carrots. Konstantine (Rafael Petardi) is Roman’s number two, so it’s fitting that Nick – Jeremy’s number two – goes after him.

Elena brings food to Sasha, Katie (Sofia Banshaf), and Alexei (Alex Ozerov). Katie wants to get as far from Roman as possible, but Alexei wants to get to know Elena. Elena tells Sasha that she has to tell Jeremy about him. She tries to reassure him that Roman can’t do anything without Jeremy knowing, but Sasha wants to leave as soon as they can get some new ids.

Jeremy is waiting for Elena with tea when she gets home. He thinks that she is troubled about the harshness of how he’s brought the mutts into the pack. Elena insists that it’s not her place to question the alpha about such things. Jeremy proves that he’s not a traditional alpha and insists that it is her place and he wants her perspective. He tells her that he’s noticed she’s been on guard since Roman arrived and he knows there’s something she’s not telling him. I love the chemistry between these two and this is a terrific scene.

Elena finally tells Jeremy about Sasha. Jeremy insists that Sasha is dangerous, that Roman has been hunting him for years. Elena insists he’s not dangerous and that he has his teenage son and daughter with him. Jeremy is concerned that Sasha has his daughter with him, but he also wants to know if Clay knew. Jeremy insists that they are going to turn Sasha over to Roman, but Elena pleads with Jeremy that Sasha is her real father. Jeremy insists that she tell him everything.

Jeremy goes to talk to Sasha. I loved the scene as the two confront each other. It’s clear their instincts are simply to attack each other. Sasha has even armed himself with a pipe. However, both subjugate those instincts for Elena. Jeremy tells Sasha they need to talk and he drops the pipe.

Jeremy tells Sasha that he’s not going to hide him because he can’t take that risk. But he does owe it to Elena not to tell Roman. He even concedes to turning a blind eye to Sasha keeping Katie with him. Jeremy also suggests that if something happened to Roman while he was in North America, it would be Roman’s own fault. Jeremy also describes the way the machines in the factory Sasha is hiding in can take the flesh off of someone’s bones. Sasha tells Jeremy that because it’s a blood feud, if something were to happen to Roman, none of the other Russians would come after him.

There’s a nice scene between Sasha and Alexei. Sasha has been trying to toughen Alexei up, but Alexei, according to Sasha is too sweet and kind for this world. We’ve already seen this as he’s most interested in getting to know his sister. Sasha warns Alexei that he may not always be with him and that he should listen to Katie – who is made of sterner stuff. Clearly, Sasha thinks he may die at Roman’s hands.

Nick is amenable to helping Elena hide her new-found family. But he’s also not willing to go against Jeremy. He’s also been a bit disturbed by Jeremy’s new hardline, but he promises to try to help convince him.

Nick also meets with Konstantine in a sauna – and we get some nice lovely, naked Nick in this episode! Nick wants to know why the Russians are still hanging around. Konstantine says they don’t feel enough – or anything – is being done to catch the Antonovs. Nick wants to know how the Russians even know what they are doing. As soon as Konstantine leaves, Nick calls Jeremy to warn him that they’ve been being watched the whole time.

This is even a bigger problem when Katie and Alexei show up at Stone Haven. Clay gives Alexei a sandwich as he’s starving. Alexei tells Clay that he can take care of himself, but Clay tries to tell him that until he goes through the change, he doesn’t know anything. Clay pins him on the table like a naughty puppy when Alexei tries to pull a knife on him.

Elena goes to Sasha to try to prevent him from going on a suicide mission to get Roman. He tells her that he knows Katie and Alexei will be safe with her. Elena calls Jeremy and Jeremy tells her that the Russians are watching. If they protect Alexei and Katie, it’s drawing a line in the sand that he’s not prepared to do. He tells Elena that he gave his word that he’d turn them over. Elena tells Jeremy that she doesn’t know what she’d do in his place, but she begs him to help them. Jeremy tells her that she’s asking him to risk everything. He tells her that his hands are tied. The fight is Sasha’s alone.

Sasha tells Elena that he had to come out of hiding after avoiding Roman for so many years because of her. It’s a blood feud, so Roman will come after her if Sasha doesn’t stop him. When Elena and Sasha come out, they immediately realize there are two other wolves there. The henchman (Michael Bodnar) who had the run in with Karen is there and has a fever. He says he’s fine when he’s changed, so that’s how he attacks Sasha. There’s a terrific slow motion shot of him throwing a weapon at the wolf and taking him down that is reminiscent of that ax throw by Jeremy in season one. The wolf manages to bite Sasha’s arm before Sasha finishes him.

Konstantine manages to get a knife to Elena’s throat. When will men stop underestimating her? She easily takes him down. Sasha wants to kill him, but Elena says they can’t because he’s Roman’s number two. Sasha says that actually, he’s even more valuable than that.

Meanwhile, Jeremy, Nick, and Clay discuss what to do. Jeremy insists that he didn’t build up their numbers just for war. Clay insists that Roman has been hiding things and Jeremy is clearly angry at Clay when he points out that Roman isn’t the only one with secrets. Jeremy insists that he gave his word to another alpha, but Clay doesn’t think that Roman would help them. Jeremy says Roman would because Roman is all about tradition. But Jeremy has shown again and again that he’s willing to entertain change. Clay also insists that Alexie and Katie aren’t threats – they’re family. Jeremy is firm in asserting that he’s not entering a pack war over three strangers.

Clay brings Alexei and Katie to a meeting. He assures them that nothing will happen to them because they are important to Elena. It sure looks like they are delivering them up to Roman though! Alexei maintains that he doesn’t think Elena would give them up. Katie proves that she is the more realistic one and insists that Elena wouldn’t have a choice when the decision is between two alphas.

Roman is smug in saying that he knew he could rely on Jeremy, but Jeremy is annoyed with Roman and tells him that he didn’t allow more of Roman’s men in his territory. Roman simply wants to know where Sasha is. Nick and Elena bring him, and Roman gloats that the bond between their packs is strong.

But Jeremy isn’t going to be pushed around or intimidated. He tells Roman that there was a time when he would have helped him. However, now Jeremy has Roman’s son – and his son is Konstantine! Because Konstantine held a knife to Elena’s throat, all bets are off. He tells Roman that they will settle this and He’s taking control of events!

What did you think of the episode? Can Jeremy defeat the entire Russian pack? Will he accept Elena’s blood family into the pack? Will they want to join the pack? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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