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Bates Motel - Goodnight, Mother - Advance Preview

   Bates Motel will continue its 4th season next Monday on A&E with an all new and epic episode, titled "Goodnight, Mother", written by Kerry Ehrin Torrey Speer and directed by Tim Southam.
   Last week, Bates Motel season premiere, "A Danger to Himself and Others" was a spectacular episode (here's my review). It was a great way to start the new season, tying up some loose ends from season 3 and it also put the new season in motion, as Norman killed Emma’s mother in the shocking final moment of the premiere.
   "Goodnight, Mother" will pick up after what Norman did, when he wakes up from his blackout after murdering Emma’s mother. As usual, he will have no recollection of what happened, but this time, there will be a twist about it. And that twist will put the Norma/Norman relationship back in the center of the story.
   "Goodnight, Mother" will mainly focus on the weirdest and most important relationship of the show. Norma will continue to try anything to protect her son, just like she always did. But as she was told in the season premiere, she might need to change her strategy because Norman is growing up and his mental state is deteriorating fast. He has killed two people in three days.

   Norma and Norman’s relationship has always been the highlight of the show, it’s the core of Norman Bates’ story after all. Despite everything, she has always been there for me and they have always understood each other. But the events that will occur in "Goodnight, Mother" might alter their relationship and it will probably have repercussions for the future.
   Ever since Norman impersonated Mother, his relationship with Norma has slowly changed and his trust in her has been shaken. And next Monday’s episode will deal with the effects of Norman’s new behavior.
   And here are some teasers about "Goodnight, Mother" :

- Last week, Norma proposed to Romero in the most awkward way ever. It was clearly interested, in his insurance but there always has been an attraction between them. Anyways, the marriage proposal will be back on the table in Monday’s episode.
- The pit will be mentioned, seen and even explored ! It’s still not a pool but it could be useful for something else...
- There will be new guests at the Bates Motel ! And they will be from Portland. Luckily for them, they will receive a hospitable welcome. They don't have that many clients, so they better treat them right for sure.
- Dylan will still be in Portland, at the hospital with Emma and her dad. He really cares for her. (And I still think their relationship is weird)
- There will be a scary and dark scene by the end of the episode. Not as shocking as last week, but more tense.
- Emma will try to breathe on her own, with her new lungs. It will put her transplant to test, for real? She better be able to breathe on her own !
- Norman will read to his mother, I’m always a fan of their mother and son habits when it’s not weird like sleeping together…
- Documents will be faxed and they will upset someone. Seriously, who uses fax today ?
- A regular breakfast might turn into a questioning.
- Dylan’s marijuana job will be mentioned.
- We will be back down into the Bates’s basement, where Norman used to be a taxidermist. And there are still dead animals down there.
- A figure from Norman’s past will be back ! And it surprised me.

    "Goodnight, Mother" will be a captivating episode. Norma and Norman will be the same focus and more than usual, Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore will be at the top of their games. They will be both so powerful and amazing, together and apart. It’s crazy just how excellent they both are. The chemistry they share will never be so clear in a episode, their performances will be outstanding.
   Clearly, you can not miss this episode, so tune in next Monday on A&E for "Goodnight, Mother"! How excited are you about Bates Motel’s 4th season and this next episode ? What do you think of Norma and Norman's relationship ? Are you happy Dylan and Emma are spending time together ? What happened to Emma's mother body ? Hit the comments !

   And finally some dialogue teasers :

- "You’re too good to be doing that."

- "You don’t need a cold on top of everything else."

- "I don’t judge you, I love you."

- "You need to let me help you.''

- "Do you want me to come back ?"

- "I don’t think you’re in your right mind."

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