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ABC Upcoming Episode Press Release - Various Shows - 14th March 2016

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  • The Catch - Episode 1.02 - The Real Killer
    “The Real Killer” — Alice and the team take on a very public client, a husband who was wrongly imprisoned for murdering his wife. Alice, however, is distracted with a mission of her own: track down Ben and figure out his next move. Meanwhile, Ben, Margot and Reggie are in desperate need of cash since Alice foiled their last plan, and the three con artists set their sights on a new target, on “The Catch,” THURSDAY, MARCH 31 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

    “The Catch” stars Mireille Enos as Alice Vaughan, Peter Krause as Benjamin Jones, Alimi Ballard as Reginald Lennox, III, Jay Hayden as Danny Yoon, Jacky Ido as Agent Jules Dao, Rose Rollins as Valerie Anderson, Sonya Walger as Margot Bishop and Elvy Yost as Sophie Novak.

    Guest stars TBA.

    “The Real Killer” was written by Sherry White and directed by Kevin Dowling.

    “The Catch” is executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Allan Heinberg and Julie Anne Robinson. Allan Heinberg serves as showrunner.

  • The Family - Episode 1.06 - Nowhere Man
    “Nowhere Man” – Nina and Clements design a plan to lure the pock-marked man, Doug, using Adam as bait. However, things go awry when Adam spots Doug in the mall. He becomes sick and is taken to the hospital while the police continue their pursuit of Doug. After the doctor reviews Adam’s medical history, he drops a bombshell on an unsuspecting Claire. In flashbacks, we return to the night when Adam was kidnapped, retracing all the near misses where Doug crossed paths with the Warrens and the police, on “The Family,” SUNDAY, APRIL 3 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

    “The Family” stars Joan Allen stars as Claire Warren, Alison Pill as Willa Warren, Rupert Graves as John Warren, Margot Bingham as Detective Nina Meyer, Liam James as Adam Warren, Andrew McCarthy as Hank Asher, Zach Gilford as Danny Warren, Floriana Lima as Bridey Cruz, Madeleine Arthur as Young Willa and Rarmian Newton as Young Danny.

    Guest starring are Michael Esper as Pock-Marked Man/Doug, Matthew Lawler as Agent Gabe Clements, Jessie Mueller as Fran and Zoe Perry as Jane Cardone.

    “Nowhere Man” was written by Bill Krebs and directed by Andrew McCarthy.

  • Of Kings and Prophets - Episode 1.04 - Beasts of the Reeds
    “Beasts of the Reeds” – In the midst of battle, David struggles with his feelings for Michal and devises a plan to get King Saul’s approval to marry her instead of Merav. Michal confides in Jonathan and asks him to watch out for David on his journey. Fueled by suspicion and jealousy, Ishbal seeks out Eliab to travel back to Bethlehem so he can find out more about David. Meanwhile, Ahinoam simmers with anger over David’s humiliation of Merav, and Saul empathizes with David’s plight by pledging to be faithful and more loving toward Ahimoam, on “Of Kings and Prophets,” airing TUESDAY, MARCH 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

    “Of Kings and Prophets” stars Ray Winstone as King Saul, Olly Rix as David, Mohammad Bakri as Samuel, Simone Kessell as Queen Ahinoam, Nathaniel Parker as King Achish, Haaz Sleiman as Jonathan, James Floyd as Ishbaal, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Michal, Jeanine Mason as Merav, David Walmsley as Joab.

    Guest starring are Christina Chong as Rizpah, Danny Keogh as Jesse, Rowena King as Zaphra, Louis Talpe as Eliab, Francis Magee as Lahmi, Antony Acheampong as Jarri, Nicky Rebelo as Elder of Bethlehem, Kyle Diffenthal as Philistine scout, Sven Ruygrok as Elder’s son, Hein de Vries as Hittite #1, Marwaan Majiet as Hittite #2, Refilwe Modiselle as person in woods.

    “Beasts of the Reeds” was written for television by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie and directed by David Boyd.

  • The Real O'Neals - Episode 1.06 - The Real Man
    “The Real Man” – When Pat plans a camping trip to enjoy some father-and-son bonding time with Jimmy, Kenny also joins them to prove that even though he’s gay he can still be manly. During the camping trip, Pat continuously pressures Jimmy about his upcoming wrestling match, which leads to a surprising result.

    Meanwhile, after Eileen discovers Shannon has been skipping her classes and refuses confirmation, she invites Father Phil over to help answer Shannon’s challenging questions she has about Catholicism, on “The Real O’Neals,” TUESDAY, MARCH 29 (8:30–9:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

    Guest starring Brian Huskey as Father Phil.

    “The Real O’Neals” stars Martha Plimpton as Eileen, Jay R. Ferguson as Pat, Noah Galvin as Kenny, Matt Shively as Jimmy, Bebe Wood as Shannon and Mary Hollis Inboden as Aunt Jodi.

    “The Real Man” was written by Adam Roberts and directed by Elliot Hegarty. Executive producers of the series are Casey Johnson, David Windsor, Stacy Traub, Dan Savage, Brian Pines, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Dan McDermott and Todd Holland. The series is produced by ABC Studios.

  • Fresh Off The Boat - Episode 2.18 - Week In Review
    “Week In Review” – There’s no question that Louis and Jessica make a great team. They each do their part to make sure everything runs smoothly at home, at the restaurant and the investment property. But when Eddie comes home with lice and infects others in the family, Louis leaves it to Jessica to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to back out of a bet he made with his teacher, and his classmates suffer the consequences, on ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat,” airing on TUESDAY, MARCH 29 (8:00–8:30 p.m. EDT).

    Inspired by a true story, “Fresh Off the Boat” stars Randall Park as Louis, Constance Wu as Jessica, Hudson Yang as Eddie, Forrest Wheeler as Emery, Ian Chen as Evan and Chelsey Crisp as Honey.

    Guest starring are Ray Wise as Marvin, Prophet Bolden as Walter, Trevor Larcom as Trent, Dash Williams as Brian, Evan Hannemann as Barefoot Dave, David Goldman as Principal Hunter, Al Madrigal as Mr. G., Brooke Baumer as Mrs. Uveda, Stacie Greenwell as School Nurse and Alison Fernandez as Sharlene.

    “Week In Review” was written by Kourtney Kang and directed by Claire Scanlon.

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