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Younger - 2.06 - Un-Jaded - Advanced Review

Younger airs on Wednesdays at 10/9 C on TV Land

The A- Story:

Picking up where last episode left off, Kelsey is screwed. With no book from Jade and no way to get the advance back, she's seconds away from losing her new imprint. Good thing Liza is around. As the two scheme and manipulate to salvage a bad deal, it gives us the opportunity to watch Kelsey and Liza work together for an extended time again and that's always a good thing. I love how they both get to use their strengths to push for a solution although Liza does not get paid enough for the work she's doing. All in all, this is the best part of the episode.

The B-Story:

After waking up in bed with Josh, Liza realizes that her arm will not lift above her shoulder. Josh takes her to the doctor, who has a terrible yet funny bedside manner, and tells her that she has adhesive capsulitis aka 40-year-old shoulder. Yes, it's a real thing. Who knew? Josh is very sweet about it but the news hits Liza a bit harder, especially when she's trying to cover up the injury. While pretty much a toss-off plot, it does again show Josh in a good light especially at the end.

The C and D Stories:

Diana deals with an author with some very different ideas. Personally assigned to the author by Charles, she does her best to encourage and flatter but there's only so much a smart, talented woman can take. Besides, Diana is really not a "walking on egg shells" person. It was nice to see her get a bigger role in this episode, although they need to tone down her pining for Charles. To wrap the episode up, Maggie also gets a small storyline involving her artwork and Lauren. There's not enough Maggie time but Deb Mazar works what she's got like a pro.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - dropping dead weight
Best Scene - the phone call
Best Character Interaction - Kelsey and Liza
Best Manipulator - Kelsey, who screws…
Best at Shoveling Bull - Diana
Best Reference - Flashdance
Most Insane - Hugh
Most Pragmatic - Maggie
Worst Dinner Conversation - urinals and tampons
Worst Bedside Manner - Dr. Kigner
Biggest Schmuck - Brad Westlake
Biggest Facepalm - Diana wants to screw…

Best Quotes:

"30? Who are you kidding?"
"But I guess we can chalk it up to a learning experience with some enjoyable fringe benefits."
"But what about your Hindu goddess?" "I have to say she looks pretty damn good in cashmere."
"I loved you in Flashdance."
"I'm sorry you had to hear all that." "Oh, it's okay. Uh, we better get busy though before you just fall apart."
"It's like she's been writing her autobiography 140 characters at a time."
"What sort of sexual wizardry did you perform on me last night?" "If anyone was doing any wizardry, babe, it was definitely you."
"You know what they say. What does a lesbian bring to a second date?" "A U-Haul."
"You would prefer me not to break your arm?" "I would prefer that, yes."
"Your wish is my command." "Wait. I didn't just make you feel dominated, did I?" "No, no, just an expression."

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