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The Walking Dead - Knots Untie - Advance Preview

   The Walking Dead will continue its amazing sixth season this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX in the UK with "Knots Untie".
   Season 6B has been very different from the rest of the season, in its structure and its focus, and this trend is still going on with the new episode. Last week, we left Rick and Michonne in quite an awkward position. I must say their kiss surprised me and it also felt natural. It didn’t feel out of character and they’d make an awesome badass couple. I’ll never forget how they jumped out of bed naked with weapons.

    Rick and Michonne’s night together won’t stay a secret very long in "Knots Untie". I expected some secrecy about it and Jesus dropping the bomb afterwards but actually, a few characters are going to know about them quite quickly. I’m sure you’re going to love how.
   But Rick and Michonne’s couple won’t be the only couple "Knots Untie" will focus on. Actually, two more couples will be featured more than usual. And there will be baby talks, not just from Glenn and Maggie obviously. It’ll be a nice change to focus a bit more on the romantic relationships, in this “next world” and on the questions they raise.

    But couples won’t be the main focus of "Knots Untie". Jesus’s arrival last week changed the game in Alexandria. As usual in The Walking Dead, when a new character is introduced, a stranger to the community, his presence raise questions and sometimes tensions in the group. And of course, there is also the question of trust. Jesus’s introduction was terrific, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy since he didn’t get shot Daryl but who knows what he’s really up to. And in "Knots Untie", Rick and a few members of his group are going to test whether Jesus is telling them the truth or not. As seen in the promo, they will go on a road trip, only to be stopped by a recent car crash. Is it real or a trap ? Trusting someone after everything they’ve been through can be hard, and it can be dangerous. But it could also change their lives.

   And here a list of what else you can expect from "Knots Untie" :
- Maggie will be have some important moments in "Knots Untie". Her friendship with Deanna really made her grow, and she’s so much more interesting now. She has Glenn with her so she can focus on bigger and more thrilling stuffs.
- There will be one bloody, disgusting scene.
- There will be a weird walkers hide and seek game in a dark location. I love those scary scenes
- Carol won’t appear but she will be mentioned in a way.
-  A couple will share a bed scene together, and it won’t be Maggie and Glenn, nor Rick and Michonne.
- Negan will be mentioned, along with “the saviors” of course. We will get some answers about who they are, what they can do and why. They are definitely scary, but not for everyone apparently.
- There will be a emotional and sweet moment during "Knots Untie".
- Carl will make a reasonable and adult decision. How great is this guy now !
- Someone will make one terrific first impression to a bunch of strangers… Wow.
- Hershel will be mentioned again. I’m glad he’s still present someway. (Baby Hershel ?!)
- Daryl will first refuse someone’s gift. He can be so cold and distant sometimes.
- There will be deals and compromises made during "Knots Untie".
- Some new characters will be introduced, including a doctor.

   "Knots Untie" is definitely a must-watch episode. What will happen during the hour could have huge consequences for the rest of the show. Plus, "Knots Untie" will focus on the different romantic relationships in a interesting way,
   Don’t miss "Knots Untie" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. Are you happy Rick and Michonne finally kissed ? Which part of "Knots Untie" are you the most looking forward ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quote game ! Guess which character will say those quotes (Each quote is from a different character) :
1- "Brave new world"
2- "You’re an idiot"
3- "You remind me of someone I used to know"
4- "You still here ?"
5- "We’re friends with Jesus"
6- "Will you hook us up ?"
7- "What !"
8- "You got this ?"
9- "You see, I have leverage"
10- "I trust you, trust us"

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