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The Vampire Diaries - Episode 7.14 - Moonlight on the Bayou - Promos, Julie Plec Interview, Sneak Peeks + Producers' Preview *Updated*

Producers' Preview

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Extended Promo

Julie Plec Interview

@klaroheart wrote, “What can be expected from this crossover?” Klaroheart means next week’s episodes, in which Stefan makes his way to New Orleans in the present, and Caroline hits up magic-free zone St. James Infirmary in the flash-forward. You can expect some great scenes reminiscent of season 3 Klaus and Stefan moments. A surprising generosity from one Klaus Mikaelson. An awkward moment where Stefan realizes he’s not sure if Klaus knows he and Caroline are a couple, and a really beautiful phone call between Klaus and Caroline. Also a little Easter Egg surprise that will make you ask some big questions about how The Originals will end their season. In the OGs, you can expect Stefan to get sucked into the Mikaelson’s sire line drama. As one of Klaus’s sire line, Stefan finds himself in quite a predicament as Klaus’s life is threatened by the return of the White Oak.

@syliergonz didn’t mince words as they asked the question on everyone’s minds: “Season 8?” Well I sure hope so! I know we have a very large crew and cast of people who really want to be doing what we love on this show next year, so keep your fingers crossed.

@kendravictoria wanted to know “Why does Rayna look like Elena?” Well, Kendra, the answer is total blind, and I do mean blind, coincidence. It wasn’t a resemblance we noticed right away, but once someone pointed it out, it was all we could see. We threw in a couple jokes about it, but truthfully, there is no mythological reason for it.

@EldestDamon seems upset, asking “Why is Damon’s character development falling? He takes one step forward and so many steps back.” Yes, that’s true. I would argue, and you might not agree with me, that the day Damon Salvatore is a perfect angel is the day we should stop making this show. People don’t ever grow up to be perfect, and I’m not sure I’d like that Damon. We love exploring his depth, his vulnerabilities, and his deeply heroic core. But we also love to hate the part of him that’s selfish, stubborn, manipulative and — let’s face it — kind of an asshole. You have to take the bad with the good.