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The Musketeers - Episode 3.01 - Spoils of War - Teaser Hangman

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Here is the teaser hangman for the episode. It doesn't give too much away but will hopefully spark some speculation before the third season starts later this spring. Further hints and clues will be added as the week goes on, have fun in the comments!

Congratulations, the hangman has been cracked, The Musketeers would have been proud of your teamwork! There will be more puzzles, teasers and hangman to work on when I start my previews later in the year, so please do keep an eye out for them. The interview with the showrunners, Simon Allen and Simon J Ashford, will be posted shortly too.

Below is the hangman in full. What do you think will happen to our Musketeers from these teasers?

We jump directly into the midst of the battle zone with the Musketeers in combat mode. The heroes must outfox the Spanish artillery if they are to gain the upper hand, however the odds are against them. Meanwhile Aramis initiates an investigation of his own, albeit connected to his friends quandary. His new pals are in the dark about who he is - while you may be surprised at their identity - but when the war comes to Douai he is compelled to take charge.

The pictures are a collection of Unown Pokemon, therefore the clue is "A group of unknowns"

The clue was cracked very quickly, "ill" and "artery" are an anagram of "artillery"

You didn't need to crack the clue to work out the end of the second sentence. It was "Heartbeat" "Nine" and "Twenty" = Episode 9.20 of British show Heartbeat, which was called "Against the Odds"

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