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The 100 - Ye Who Enter Here - Advance Preview and Dialogue Teasers

The 100 returns with an all-new episode this Thursday. In the two-part premiere, we saw Clarke being hunted and eventually being captured by Roan. She was brought to Polis where she had an unwelcome reunion with Lexa. Meanwhile, Arkadia found the missing Farm Station, which introduced us to Charles Pike and Monty's mother.

Episode 3 picks up where episode 2 left off. Clarke is still in Polis on Lexa's orders, but she really doesn't want to see the person who betrayed her and her people. Lexa tries to convince Clarke that she did the right thing, but Clarke is unwilling to listen until Lexa offers the Skaikru to join her coalition. Meanwhile, Roan, who has been revealed as the son of Ice Queen Nia, is in Lexa's captivity as well. He has a plan that could benefit both Clarke and him, but you'll have to wait and see if Clarke is willing to come along with that plan. Then there is a fourth player that might have an even different plan: Queen Nia herself. Thrown in Bellamy and Co. that try to stop an imminent attack, and you've got all the sides to this story. It's what I really like about this episode: everyone has different plans, different motivations, but in the end, compromises must be made and deals must be accepted to ensure everyone's safety. Or not.

Funnily enough, that is about all I can and will say about this episode. I know it's a bit short, but if I say more, I'm afraid I will spoil certain plot points. There are a few characters absent in this episode, but that's happened before and it certainly doesn't have any impact on the story. Also, some new characters will make their way. One last tease before I will go the dialogue teasers: more than one familiar face that we haven't seen so far this season returns in this episode..

Below you can find some dialogue teasers. I've included one extra due to the short preview. Feel free to guess in the comments below.
1. "Don't take it out on him. If you're gonna be mad, be mad at me."
2. "I have a message for Queen Nia."
3. "Then you won't get a chance to get what you really want."
4. "Then we could finally get out of here."
5. "We're so close to our goal."
6. "This is an act of war."
7. "What about Clarke?"
8. "You're suited for this."

"Ye Who Enter Here" airs Thursday at 9/8c on the CW. Watch a promo for the episode below.

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