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Rizzoli and Isles - Hide and Seek & Murderjuana - Reviews: Who is taunting Jane Rizzoli ?

Rizzoli and Isles is back , yes finally after months of wondering who had taken Maura we get some answers but are also left with more questions. Confused ? lets take a look at the two episodes that have aired .

Episode 613 Hide and Seek
Written By Jan Nash
Directed By Kevin G. Cremin

What can I say about this episode, I loved it. The drama was intense and reminded me how good Rizzoli and Isles can be. The acting was spot on and it leaves us with a open storyline that I understand we won’t get closure on until the last season.
When shows get cancelled you tend to think yes they have run their course but with episodes like this Rizzoli and Isles certainly shows it can still deliver and am sure will go out with a bang.

Previously on Rizzoli and Isles Jane’s apartment had been burnt down, someone had hacked all her accounts. Trying to trace the hacker a video was discovered showing a hand with a lighter outside of Jane’s apartment.
It was identified as Lianne Sampson who was holding the lighter but it became clear she wasn't the arsonist. Lianne had been discovered dead from an apparent drug overdose but there wasn't any known link between her and Jane. In her stomach, as well as drug balloons all punctured so it would kill her, was Jane’s watch set with a date and time. After thinking it’s a time and date and waiting for something to happen to Jane. Its Jane who realises later on its bible reference.
‘Truly I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny ‘
It’s about revenge, Jane’s mum gave her the watch so they rush to locate Angela while this is happening Dr Isles gets a call from what appears to be from dispatch and heads to a crime scene where she is taken. Jane’s number calling, as all too late she realises Maura is the target.

We pick up directly after the events of the previous episode.

We see Maura (Sasha Alexander) put up a fight and actually bites her attacker before they get the better of her and cover her mouth in a cloth we assume is soaked in chloroform.

Jane (Angie Harmon) is berating herself and you can see how wrung out she is about all the events, she has barely slept because she thought they were after her and now her best friend is taken.
Korsak (Bruce McGill) finds a smudged print as Jane checks Maura’s phone (which amazingly survived being dropped) the last call before Jane was a BPD number. He sends Frankie (Jordan Bridges) to check it out. Kent (Adam Sinclair) finds a small amount of blood. Jane is clearly worried but Korsak reminds what we all know Maura is strong, smart and capable.

Back at BPD Nina (Idara Victor) along with Frankie is looking into the call and asked all those who were on shift to come back in. The Chief wants to give them a task force to help find Maura but gives them 24 hours to see if they can find out if it’s an inside job.
Jane sitting at her desk staring at Frost’s action figure is a very poignant scene. Jane is barely holding it together throughout most of this episode and played superbly by Angie Harmon.
Even when Angela Rizzoli (Lorraine Bracco) arrives with sandwiches she feels helpless, as we know she treats Maura like a daughter. Her line “I worked so hard to deal with my feelings for your job I just didn’t know I was supposed to be dealing with my feelings for her job too” says it all.

Jane goes down to speak to Kent, the DNA results have not come back on the blood however kent does confirm the blood type isn’t Maura’s. Jane knows Maura would have hurt her abductor to give them a clue.

Maura who wakes up from the effects of being drugged, it appears a very sinister looking place, maybe an old hospital or something. She is handcuffed to a pipe on the wall.

Kent gets the results, which he hands to Frankie; a white male of European descent.
Jane and Korsak are interviewing the dispatch sergeant, no one fits the description but he remembers a child calling for details about dispatch procedures. They log all calls and Nina traces it to a burner phone that also pinged of a cell tower near Maura’s abduction site. They simply spoofed their caller id and voice; yes there are apps for everything.

Jane speaks to Kent; the dark smudge prints were from bleeding asphalt, which Kent states had a paint chip in it. The paint, which is lead paint, was a type used in old government buildings as lead paint was banned in the mid-70s. Kent goes on to tell Jane she looks terrible. He’s a charmer that one but he does tell her to get some sleep with some useless fact. Jane will take them from Maura but not Kent and tells him what he can do with his fun facts.

Jane walks into Maura’s office and it looks like she is about to cry when she sits on the couch and starts flicking though files. The scene cuts back to Jane looking through the files when she hears a noise and walks into the morgue. She notices a body on one of the tables covered up and turns, behind her is Susie Chang (Tina Huang) (remember she was killed earlier in the season) saying she will take care of her, Jane looks down and is holding a bloody morgue tag with Maura’s name on it … Don’t panic… yes ….you guessed it Jane was having a nightmare!!
A nice little cameo and well done for all those who suspected Susie would indeed return in ghost form. We have seen this happen in Jane’s dreams before ghosts from the past haunt her.
Angela is sat next to Jane when she abruptly awakens clearly rattled and not ok.

Korsak has a break on the paint and all the Government buildings in the area that used it, seems they are looking for a building painted in a certain order. It’s not a lot but now they have ruled out an inside job they have a task force to help. Korsak leaves Frankie with it and goes to deliver warrants to search the cell towers.
I am sure, like me, you thought the stuff at the BPD was a bit slow pacing wise but it shows us how they are following the evidence to try and find Maura.

Nina pulls off all the cell phone numbers off towers near Maura’s abduction sight one name is interesting. Remember the prison Psychiatrist Joe Harris (Paul Schulze) that Frankie interviewed in 612 regarding Lianne Sampson, his name pops up. His phone is currently pinging of a tower near the prison. Jane heads there instructing Nina to tell the warden to keep him there. Nina sends background on him to Jane as well.
Maura is looking for a way out and goes a bit Macgyver, using her belt buckle to unfasten the pipe but she hears someone coming she manages to find a sharp piece of rusty metal and hid in her trouser pocket before re attaching herself to the pipe.

Angela is in Maura’s Kitchen cooking but is clearly distracted and manages to burn what she is cooking. In a scene that puzzled viewers she answers a call from Hope who is calling her back. Clearly she is informing her about Maura. My take on this is the Police would automatically call Maura’s parents due to possible ransom demands and the fact they are her parents. I guess the governor himself would make the call; after all she is an Isles. Angela felt she should call Hope before she heard about it on the news.

Jane arrives at the prison and asks the warden about Dr Joe Harris the warden doesn’t think it is likely but gives Jane permission to search his office, as Harris isn’t there. In his draw Jane finds the same balloons that were inside Lianne Sampson and his cell phone. I personally guessed he was the guy as such a great actor as Paul Schuzle wasn’t likely to be just a bit part but also all the subtle clues pointed to him but as we later find out Jane has no connection to him.

Back where Maura is held captive, Harris arrives and moves Maura from the pipe to a chair and cuts off Maura’s hair (not the best hairdressing I am sure, poor Maura) He also hits Maura for biting him (yes he is going down… no one hurts Maura).
He asks her to analyse him and takes photos.

Now they know its Dr Harris, Nina meets Jane when she arrives back at BPD saying they are going to track his movements via his cell and see if he is near any government buildings. It seems they are getting somewhere. They put a BOLO out on him and are watching his home and family homes as well.

Harris is searching through the photos looking for the right one when he does he says it shows a little fear, pleading and hope that someone might actually save her. Maura brings up Jane saying the picture won’t affect her, it seems he knows very little about Jane when Maura asks why didn’t he just take one of her sister’s.

At BPD Jane is ranting away clearly venting it all out to someone but to all our surprise its appears to be a cleaning lady who doesn’t speak English, however Jane does reveal she never thought the dangers of her job would affect those she loves or they would hurt them to get to her. (However we know Hoyt has done this before so come on Jane).

Kent comes to Jane at her desk, seems the paint chip is giving a lot. Kent has sent it off to MIT for further analysis. Nina and Frankie find the phone has cycled the area near an old mental hospital that they don’t have record for. Jane and Korsak assemble a task force to head over there.
At the same time Harris gets a call from someone telling him, he has been made by his phone and needs to move. Maybe it is someone on the inside as the timing is too quick. The person on the other end is upset which upsets him, a lover maybe, clearly someone he thinks a lot of as for the first time apart from hitting Maura he shows emotion and breaks the phone, we assume a burner.

He Chloroforms Maura again but she holds her breath and plays unconscious.
Jane, Korsak and a group of armed police arrive. In one room Jane can smell Maura’s perfume; Maura has left them a clue “tunn” written in the dust.

In what appears to be some tunnels Harris puts Maura down but she attacks him cutting his throat with the metal she found earlier and runs. He chases after her, gun in hand bleeding.

Ok this got very tense….. They can’t find Maura and Nina has no plans for tunnels. Korsak and Jane think someone at the prison warned him. That’s why he ran but I am not so sure……

Kent tells them the test proved the paint had not been exposed to sunlight and Angela who is bringing everyone cookies (she is stressed she cooks) remembers there being a cave in at the old asylum.
With Kent’s help, Nina digs up old library photos showing a tunnel entrance.
Korsak, Frankie and Jane go looking for it and Korsak discovers the entrance behind a bookcase. Frankie goes one-way, Korsak and Jane the other.
Jane and Korsak hear a noise and we are all as relieved as they are when they find Maura hid in the tunnel.
Jane looks like she is about to cry and is frightened to touch Maura seeing blood on her. Maura explains it’s not her’s as Jane careful takes the makeshift weapon out of her hands she and Korsak both aware Harris is still out there somewhere. They hear a shot and Maura warns, he isn’t working alone as Korsak says he will get Maura out of there.

Frankie is found under some rubble but is ok, as Jane heads off after Harris they end up outside, he raises his gun and Jane shoots him, going up kicking his gun away she asks who is he working for and when she asks why he only responds “why not” as he dies.

Jane is next to Maura, who is on a stretcher and has already diagnosed herself and once again Jane is near tears. I know people were hoping for a hug but I see it more as Jane knows how fragile Maura is, the affection is shown its just more subtle as Jane is trying to hold herself together.
Maura tells Jane she heard him on the phone with someone, Harris wasn’t working alone, it’s not over. They are both near to tears and it’s a lovely scene between the two leads. Jane tells the paramedics to be careful as they load Maura in the ambulance and says she will come to the hospital as soon as things are wrapped up.

Jane tells Korsak she wants uniforms on Maura 24/7 which he has already done and asks if Harris said anything
Jane: "no just someone out there is really p****d off at me”
Korsak:"I wished that narrowed it down a little more than it does"
Really Korsak but I did think it was a brilliant line and the fact he calls himself on it was great, typical cop talk, make light out of a bad situation and relieve the tension. It clearly isn't over but who is after Jane?

No sooner had this ended but we had another episode, this one being lighter with some hilarious moments and a break from the tension of the previous episode. However events from the kidnapping are still haunting Jane and Maura.

614 Murderjuana
Written By Russell J. Grant
Directed By Norman Buckley

A robbery gone badly is what it looks like from the opening scene at a place aptly named the Pot Palace, a legal Marijuana supplier. (Kind of guess it had something to do with this by the episode title).

Maura is having trouble sleeping and gets up to make some tea only to discover Jane asleep on her couch. (We have the kitchen scene, though rather later at night than in the morning) Jane knows whoever is responsible is still out there and is watching over them. Maura is seeing a therapist because of what happened and recommends Jane does the same but they are interrupted and nearly attack the kettle that makes them both jump.

As they arrive at the crime scene I swear these two act like an old married couple, Maura chastises Jane about her wrinkled jacket while Jane tells Maura she has bags under her eyes. Korsak is concerned Maura is back so soon but as Jane says it’s good for her keeps her mind focused.
The victim is one of the robbers who shot the guard and owner before the guard shot and killed him both the owner and Guard are in the hospital. The guard took one to the vest the owner one to the head. Seems the guard opened the back door after he noticed a camera out and two armed men came in but seems the second man left without anything.

Nina is working on Jane’s hacker as they can’t find any links between Jane and Dr Harris. She also gives Frankie information regarding the dead robber Theodore White or Teddy, who has a record.

In the morgue Kent is up in the ceiling trying to fix a fan, his rhyming is poor and as we later find out so are his wiring skills. Kent tells Jane be thankful he isn’t wearing his kilt, we all are Kent. (I made the mistake once to ask a Scotsman what he wore under his kilt ...never again)
Maura discovers a laser pointer in the robber’s pocket, which he used to disarm the cameras.

Jane lies to Maura when she asks her to Lunch and we learn Jane has been meeting a psychiatrist informally for years but he really wants her to come to his office. Jane has had 12 meetings in 5 years with him and she first saw him right after she caught Hoyt. Jane is clearly worried about Maura but I think in fact she is talking about herself and clearly isn’t fine. He basically describes Jane as wounded, which we all know but Jane refuses to accept. He clearly wants her to come see him in his office.

Nina not wanting to be beaten takes the hacker info to her old professor who is arrogant but thinks he can track it.

Back to the case and Korsak interviews the security guard in the hospital showing him a picture of the robber who he hasn’t seen before. Is he is injured but ok as he wore a vest, the owner isn’t so lucky and is in a coma his wife stops by to thank the guard.

Meanwhile Jane has surprise visitor at her desk in the form of Detective Martinez (Amuary Nolasco) who it seems has been on loan to the DEA, they are on the trail of a gang who have been robbing legal marijuana shops. They set a stake out at the next possible target and Jane confesses to Martinez she hasn’t been sleeping and worried she won’t find who is responsible before it’s too late.

The gang turn up and they catch them with ease but it turns out they were not responsible for the pot palace robbery.

Jane is sleeping at her desk and Frankie blabs she has been waiting for her mother to finish at the dirty robber every night to bring her home.
Martinez sends Jane some DEA cameras, as she was worried the ones in BPD could be compromised.

At Maura’s Angela tells Jane to stop, she isn’t responsible but Jane says the person is trying to hurt and possibly kill the people she loves.

At BPD Korsak comes to Maura with some samples of pot to test. Seems they need to be a THC level to sell to public. A brownie found at the scene showed a higher level than allowed.

Jane and Korsak discuss the case when Jane gets a call from Maura who seems to be making a joke.

When Jane arrives downstairs both Maura and Kent are laughing instead of the fan sucking the Marijuana smoke out they were testing it blew it in creating a huge bong in the room. Yes they are both stoned. This scene was hilarious and possibly one of the funniest yet in Rizzoli and Isles. Despite Maura looking for corn curls in Jane’s hair we do get out of her the THC levels are high so the pot is illegal pot. In a scene that reminded me of the time Gabrielle ate the nut bread in Xena, Maura gets close to Jane declaring her love for of all things glazed donuts.

Jane asks for the phone records from the Pot Palace, as they appear to have been getting some street produce. With Martinez they track down a dealer played by Chad Lowe, seems he knew the owner of the Pot Palace who called him out the blue and he sold him some product.

Jane has a delivery for Maura, you guessed it glazed donuts. They can test the THC levels on the stuff the dealer was growing but have no way of knowing if it was the same. Angela has also told Maura about the cameras, Maura doesn’t want them and proceeds to show Jane a trick she learned in therapy. Jane isn’t impressed and takes her glass of stones and water and leaves.

Jane doesn’t get why Maura and her mother don’t want her help, Korsak says being at the robber he will bring Angela home.

Seems the legitimate business wasn’t doing as well in the Pot Palace, and perhaps they were pushing the other stuff. Nina and Frankie look into the employees. The wife of the owner does the books; they discover she has an account in her maiden name tucked away with a lot of cash.
The guard and the wife were having an affair but she won’t believe he would hurt her husband.

Nina and Jane discover a picture of the guard who was shot at the gym with the robber.
Korsak goes to see Maura who asks were Jane is, she looks a bit troubled and perhaps thinks she upset Jane earlier. Korsak’s theory is the guard shot himself.
They show the wife the picture from the gym and ask her to call saying her husband is out of the coma.

Jane and Korsak find the guard on the roof, about to shoot a dummy placed in the room. As he goes to jump off the building Jane stops him with a taser .

Jane once again meets the Psychiatrist, she admits she is afraid.

At Maura’s house Jane walks in and we can see she isn’t happy with Jane. Jane apologises for stealing her rocks and Maura apologies for playing amateur psychologist. Jane admits she is watching them both because she is afraid she can’t catch him, as he has been a step ahead of her. She feels she isn’t good enough to catch him to which Maura responds what if you are. Clearly she has every faith in Jane as always.
I really liked this scene on the couch with Jane near tears again and Maura being her rock and support.

What did you think of the two episodes?
A lot to take in and we still have someone out there after Jane but who ?

Please post in comments below.

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